Thursday , January 21 2021

Dave Grohl gathered all the starring band for directing Music News

Warren Haynes' Christmas Sweet will celebrate its 30th anniversary this weekend with artists such as Eric Church, Gov't Mule, Jim James, Grace Potter, and even more soul at the American Mobile Center in Ashville. Also in the account is Dave Groll, who will unleash his 23-minute prog rock instrument play with the help of some special guests.

Among them are the Them Crooked Vultures, Alain Johan, Jane Chris Teaie's addiction guitarist, Fow Fatter's associate Drew Hester, producer Greg Kurstin, and the music series Jason Falkner and Barrett Jones. See what each of them will play in tweets below.

Grol publishes a documentary about the creation of play this summer. "The whole song was reproduced by Grol, each time with a different instrument, to live for 23 minutes," says a press release accompanying the documentary. "Starting with the recording of the entire track of the drum only from memory, without sheet music or guides, followed by guitar, bass, keyboards, etc. Grol took up one session to record a man who was forced to start from start the 23-minute song every time you make the slightest mistake, or if Grol feels he can do better.

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