Thursday , July 29 2021

David Arquette says he is "happy to live" after "Bloody"

Over the past six months, David Arquette had been training and competing in wrestling matches, but on November 16, the so-called Death Match cost him his life.

"I'm lucky I'm alive," says ARKET, 47, after leaving the hospital for an infection resulting from a deep cut on his neck. "If I was cut off in the jon, I probably would not be here right now.

The actor was in the middle of a match with boar Nick Gage when he entered a self-described "defense mode."

Says Arquette: "Sometimes they use these fluorescent lamps, and I cut myself off, and I started to see blood dripping and I panicked." I turned too quickly and the end of the broken bulb struck me on my neck.

He went to the hospital where he was sewing his neck, but he returned to the hospital the next day when "I woke up with shaking and swelling on my neck."

In the operation, Arquet was informed that he had cut off some of the muscles on his neck. "Doctors call The Box because it's such a dangerous place to break," he says. "It was really scary."

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Now Arquette thinks about the incident and why he takes the dangerous sport first.

"Eighteen years ago I won a WCW World Heavyweight Belt," says Arquette. "But this victory has been a big disgrace to the belt and the fight for society and since people criticize me, I really wanted to prove myself and I was facing it." I was violent and people thought I was just a punk from Hollywood.

So the father of the three started training with Peter Avalon and lost over 50 pounds of diet and exercise.

Still, he admits he does not know much about death matches, during which there are no "rules and no disqualifications".

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Arquette says, "I did not know how difficult these things were, I was safe over my head.

His wife, Christina MacLeary, was "deceived," admits Arquette. "Fortunately, I asked her not to come because I had the feeling it would be scary."

But despite all, he is not ready to return to the towel completely.

"I'm very happy," says Arquette. "But I love the fight and I will do it again, but I will never make another death game.

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