Monday , January 18 2021

Destiny 2: The Thorn finally returns, Trailer is annoying

Just when you were excited to pursue the Last Word, one of Destiny's best weapons, as it returns to Destiny 2, Bungie goes and annoys an even bigger deal: Thorn.

Bungie has released a trailer for his next event, The Draw, for those who have purchased their annual pass, which confirms that players will search for the Exotic hand The Last Word. It's a Destiny 1 gun that many wanted to get back, and that's one that has a ton of knowledge and history associated with it.

In fact, the Last Word is part of a celebrated duel in which a heroic Guardian pursues and kills a killer who has fallen on the "Fate" version of the Dark Side of the Force. If you are misty in one of Destiny's best stories, check out our superiority before Draw.

Draw already looked as though it were going to continue this story, which Bungie was also advancing during its great expansion in Year Two, Forsaken. But in the last moments of the new event trailer, Bungie dropped a bomb in the irritation of Thorn's return to Season 6, which began in March.

Players of Destiny 1 will remember either with love or with aversion from the weapon that often dominated the competitive Crucible. Thorn fired bullets that delayed the damage over time, which meant that many players ignored him and his users as low-skilled – but that did not hurt his popularity.

Although Thorn's return seems to be confirmed by Bungie's The Last Word trailer, the question of when it comes to the game is still unanswered. Bungie previously gave us the feeling when things are happening in the second year with her content map that also ruins which events are free for all players and which are exclusive to the people who bought the annual pass. As the Draw is an annual crossing event, it seems likely that Thorn will also be – but beyond what is happening somewhere in Season 6, it is unclear when we can expect one of Destiny's worst cannons to invade the Crucible again.

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