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Did Princess Diana have a connection with JFK Jr.?

Princess Diana Princess Diana Kevin Larkin / AFP / Getty Images

The short and stormy life of the late Princess Diana has fascinated people all over the globe for years.

She married Princess Charles in 1981, but they parted in 1992. A few years later, the Princess of Wales gave a heated interview to the Panorama of Marriage and Adultery. She and Charles officially divorced in 1996, but the tabloid gossip around her never stops and the press continues to pursue her every day. A few years after her death, the rumors still sparkle for the men in her life. A hearing that continues to appear frequently online is one about the alleged affair she had with President John Kennedy's son John Kennedy Jr.

We will explain the story behind this and what Diana's former economist has said about it. But first, let's get in the hearing that she had a shake with another known face, singer Brian Adams.

Princess Diana is romantically associated with Brian Adams

    Brian Adams Brian Adams Getty Images for the Invictus Games Foundation

This story comes from Adams' former girlfriend and former Bond Csecilli Thomson girl who has been engaged with the rocker for several years and claims to know her romance with Diana.

It is widely believed that Adam's song "Diana" is for the princess and in 2014. Thomson recharges these rumors again when he states that they both have an affair.

"I knew Diana was in touch with Brian," the Danish actress told Daily Mail. Brian knew Paul Burle [Diana’s former Butler] very well, and Paul was part of the inner circle around Brian and he introduced it to Diana too. The first time Brian met Diana, I was not invited. Our was a tumultuous relationship and Brian's affair with Diana did not make it easier.

In 2018, Adams appeared Watch what's happening live and was asked by the host of the show, Andy Cohen, if it was actually romantically connected to the King and would have sneaked into Kensington Palace.

"She did not get me, I would just be disappointed," says Summer 69 artist, adding that they are just "great friends." When Cohen insisted that they were friends with advantages, Adams confirmed that they were "good friends".

Did Diana have a connection with JFK Jr.?

John F. Kennedy Jr. John Kennedy Jr. | File Photo: Diane Freed

Diana is also a servant of having a "passionate bite" with JFK Jr. This statement was made for the first time by the princess "former" energy healer "Simon Simmons.

Simons argues that Diana met the ex-president's son in 1995 and told her about "their passionate disappointment."

"We started talking, one thing led to another – and we found ourselves in bed together, it was pure chemistry," Simamons says she told her Diana.

But after Wales's barber's barber, Burll, heard of Simmons, he called them "nonsense."

"Simone has cast the eye of crystal and the wings of the bats into a pot and has created a fantastic story of bullshit in almost the same message as the mystical garbage he used to feed the princess," Burlell writes in The Daily Mirror. "What none of us can believe is Simon's infallible, unsupported, infallible invention that the princess has had a connection with JFK Jr. That's just untrue."

Princess Diana died after a car crash in Paris in 1997. Kennedy Jr. was killed when a plane he was flying crashed in 1999 on the banks of Massachusetts.

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