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Discovery "examines the Divine Interference in the New Paradise –

"New Paradise"

Star Trek: Discovery Season 2, Episode 2 – Debut Thursday, January 24
Teleplay by Vaunn Wilmott & Sean Cochran; History of Akiva Goldsman & Sean Cochran
Director: Jonathan Frakes


The second episode of of Discovery The second season moves the action into a classic history of Star Trek to explore a strange new world. With the show, which is trying to get too busy at the set time, director Jonathan Fraquez is still able to keep the pace set for the season. Strong performances everywhere help to add new dimensions to both the leading characters and some who come out of the background. "The New Paradise" brings the main arc of the season and the secret of the seven outbursts ahead, perhaps at the expense of some of the world's construction that we expect from the traditional visits of the new planets. The episode is a solid and fun hour on Star Trek and keeps inertia after the improvements seen in the Premiere of the Season.

"New Eden" – Ep # 202 – In the picture: (l-r): Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham; Anson Mont as Captain Pike; Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun of CBS All Access STAR TREK series: OPENING. Photo Cr: Russ Martin / CBS © 2018 CBS Interactive. All rights reserved.



Crazy as Spock

The second episode starts where "Brother" ends, with a nice quiet moment between the three focus heroes of the show's second season: Pike, Burnham and the Spock screen. In the new pocket room, Burnham shares the Spock map of the seven outbursts, and the captain surprises her with the news that his estranged brother, Spock, has been staring at a Starfleet psychiatric facility. The Sarek family's dysfunction was fully shown as Pike reveals that Spock does not want to be told, and Burnham confesses he is the last person Spock wants to see, even if it is the key to solving the mystery of the season. ,

I can do this with one hand tied behind my back

Proceed to (new) paradise

After this too short moment of character development, the arc announcing the arcade plot sounds with the news that one of the seven red blasts is bursting again. This time is so far – 51,450 light years deep in the beta quadrant – they have no choice but to get rid of the dispute and to press Lieutenant Stamme back into his navigation camera, which apparently no one worries, will kill him. Once Pike tricks the audience and asks how he will simply believe that the ship can "skip the universe on a highway made of mushrooms," it's time for Black Alert at the disco.

Like their last adventure, there is no red signal when they arrive at the scene. However, there is a wonderful class M planet with a classic secret trek, it is populated with people from the time of the Third World War before the foundation is even a shine in the eye of Zefram Cochrane. In order to investigate an ancient call for a disaster coming from a church, Pike assembles a landing group to which Burnham and Oossequon joined, becoming the first Discovery officer to join the cool children of a mission thanks to her experience as an alumnus in the Ludi municipality , which are useful for keeping the cover of their core directive when they visit a culture preceding the base.

Lieutenant, if the church moves as much as one centimeter, strikes it straight into the bell tower

After releasing references to Shakespeare and Arthur Clark, who are dealing with the science of science versus faith, the team is on the planet we learn, termed Terralysium, translating the Earth Paradise, discovering that his ancestors were carried away from the old. Earth during the war by … wait … a red angel, just like the one Michael saw in her vision in Brother. The apparent miracle of the church transferred to safety away from nuclear destruction has inspired this New Paradise community to form a new faith and a lexicon of a new script based on seven of the major religions on Earth. Oh yes, and these seven is not a coincidence.

This Flash? DC / Star Trek crossover confirmed?

As is often the case, they also find that there are some problems in this paradise. While most of them agree to live as a space amy, some adhere to the memory of science, including Jacob, whose family created the call for disaster decades ago in the hope of saving them from more advanced people. They are quick to look for the landing, lock them in the church and steal their technology to prove to the community that they are saved. But the leader of "the whole mother" and the other members of the community do not buy it. Things get even worse after Owosekun MacGyvers' escape with the magnet team just to get Pike to seriously hurt a girl who has never been taught not to play with a loaded phaser.

These people think streaming from the cloud means light rain, please take me out of this back rock

They see dead people

The B-storyline for "New Eden" focuses on Stamets and Tilly's scientific dynamic duet, with Anthony Rapp and Mary Wiseman continuing to show some of the best chemical features of the series. Tillie is too excited (which may be her normal environment) that the spur drive gives Stamtes reason to stay on the ship. However, Paul – still apparently in pain – is concerned that he may be lost again in the mycelium network, revealing that he believes his dead partner Hugh still exists in some form. The young cadet himself has made some crazy science with the giant floating rock of dark matter caught in Brother, but this attempt to find an alternative form of navigation in the dispute literally blows her face by sending her to a hospital.

The moment you realize that these new nuances do not look good to you

Saru is in no way amused by Tilly's reckless behavior, but she is impressed by her ingenuity. In a moving scene played beautifully by Doug Jones, we can see what Tilly's mentoring mentorship might be, as Sarah interferes with the distraught Michael as a new coach of Tilly's life.

Speaking of new relationships, Tilly spends the rest of the episode mostly in conversation with a new hero called May, who helps her to work out various problems to save the day. May is fun and friendly with Tilly, showing an established friendship. There is only one small small problem that takes Tillie too long to understand: May has never been a crew member. Oh yes, and she must be dead. A great idea of ​​what is likely to happen here is when Mae says "your mind is so funny," which shows that Tilly has taken a small traveler, probably when she played with this crazy asteroid in the shuttle bay. This could also be related to the few spores that landed for her in the first season. But this possession will have to wait for the next episodes, as there is no time to lose.

I'm your imaginary friend, and I even think you have to get him back a little

The Fast and the Furious: Starfleet Destroyer

While Pike and Burnham are visiting New Eden, Sarah and the crew are facing the chief watch in the episode of danger with one of the rings on the planet that will lethal lethal radiation to the surface, killing everyone. Once again, when carriers and shuttles are unable to save the day, it's time to create creativity with a combination of Star Trek cascades and racing video games. This time, Deter, Tilly and Stamte are united to plan some crazy maneuvers associated with spore movement, remove the asteroid from the dark matter behind the ship, and scatter USS Discovery while collecting the dangerous radioactive waste that falls on the planet. But the show may lead to a more unpretentious and relevant dialogue with ratings such as "Poor". "Bad"? "It's really bad." And I bet you never thought you'd hear "donut maneuver initiation" in Star Trek.

All this aside, the season continues to go out of its way to add dimensions to the bridge crew members and to show that things happen in Starfleet through teamwork and resourcefulness. And in another action-conscious sequence, we see what USS Discovery really can do, which makes the ship itself another hero who gets much needed growth and attention. The visual effects are at the top, and Jeff Rousseau's aggressive music for this season attracts the ambition of the premiere to make the show more cinematic.

If it's a dark matter, how can we see it?

But with all this teamwork, one has to ask: where is Jet Reno? The Tig Notaro engineer was not only a great addition to the premiere of the season but was also proven to be a brilliant problem. Perhaps there were too many chefs in the kitchen, but USS Discovery should not rely on Technobble's "Tyre" and / or "Evrika" at the last minute. Or, if this is the plan, leave at least one console open on the bridge to use them after they burst dramatically.

Stigmatization of Star Trek's classic bridge

Seeing the light

The episode ends with Pike, who returns to Discovery to be cured by Dr. Pollard, who received his first name last week, showing an emblem in Episode 2, giving her a little more personality instead of just having a medical tricorder. After further debate with Burnham about the Faith and the Premier Directive, Pike is convinced to embrace the rules and reveal the truth to Jacob, as well as to trade with power cells to record the moment when the New Paradise Church was rescued during the Second World War . ,

Burnham also reveals to Pike how she saw the Red Angel when she was injured on the asteroid during the season. And now, too, Pike sees it, revealed in the record that Jacob gave to Pike. The game is in progress.

A mint battery provided part of the World War II souvenirs? Jacob, you're robbed


Let's pray?

This episode hints at the theme of the new season of science against the faith. While the problems of belief and belief have been investigated in Star Trek before, especially on Deep Space Deepthis season seems to reveal more about how faith was perceived in the 23rd century by the Star Trek Federation. The episode was filled with religious terminology with tales of "angels," "revelation," "salvation," and even the name of Jacob is a biblical reference to the patriarch of the Israelites who struggled with an angel. There are even specific signals about the seven religions on earth – Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shinto and Wiki – mostly mentioned for the first time in the franchise.

While Pike and Burnham show good chemistry and growing confidence that is not seen with Lorca, the show puts a dichotomy between the couple according to the theme of faith and science. This second episode takes part of the heroic action of the two opener for the season, revealing some of their nuances and even flaws. Pike has shown that he has the language of faith, if not the believer himself, who has been elevated as a professor of comparative religions. Burnham reminds her that she has grown up to Vulcan, and her strict adherence to logic and science is bordering on intolerance, showing a lack of compassion for New Eden believers, rejecting their beliefs only as a bunch of lies.

The Science of Faith? – a little nose

The debate about the nature of the red angel reminds of the same debate about Bairo's prophets as "extraterrestrial monsters" for the Starfleet members. But this season promises to deepen in this debate and how religion and belief are perceived in the Federation of the Future. As for the great mystery itself, the "New Paradise" still did not give any answers, but there are hints that red bursts may be part of a galactic morality test. While this is a mining field, so far, this entire raid in the question of faith remains intriguing and we hope to avoid part of the heavy behavior that the series dealt with during the first seasons when dealing with some hot topics.

I'll be a little more focused in every episode

The first row is actually quite specific

"The New Paradise" is another in the long tradition of Star Trek episodes, which struggle with the First Order of the Starfleet, the "Common Order", better known as the General Directive. With the discovery of Discovery from the local space and the carrying out of a distant boundary, it had to come out, with the interesting turn, that even with the people of the Earth the rules were rules, and the pre-ground means non-interference. Captain Pike is heading the way, indicating he is a much more famous leader, perhaps even indicating he may be guilty.

The debate between him and Michael also offered some opportunities for character development. Burnham showed how she had learned her commanding lesson after the catastrophic consequences of Vulcan Hello. And Pike shows some flexibility as Burn has managed to persuade Pike to shrink the rules enough in the name of the mission. Although after being spotted to shine to the ship, the damage may have been done. Such debates on the Initial Directive are nothing new, but as to how it is managed by the Pake Pake Party, New Eden manages to keep it fresh.

Welcome to the canon of New Eden St. John, St. Christopher and St. Michael

Things, however, were somewhat different on the USS Discovery. After it became clear that the inhabitants of the planet were in danger of what seemed like a natural phenomenon, the crew did not hesitate to rescue them, and Sarah explicitly said they were responsible for "every living creature" on the planet. While showing Sara's character's growth of keeping his gangs under control when informed of a "disappearance event," he seems to have forgotten the Premier Directive. Pike was clear before leaving the ship that the Implementing Directive was being implemented and even after learning that the inhabitants were on Earth, he did not remember and adhered to the rules. But Saru, even without this information, decided without debate to intervene.

And that comes to something that was seen in the first moments of the pilot for the series (Vulcan Hello) when Burnham and George saved Sulpuskulan's forerunner civilization from a project that would cause them to disappear. Here, as in this episode, writers seem to be referring to the Premier Directive only as a rule for interference when the rule is for intervention itself. There is some manual reflection on how people on the planet are not even aware of the danger, but does this really change the rules? Even often laughing Star Trek in the Dark I have this right, with Kirk's attempt to conceal not only how they have been seen, but also the whole attempt to save the planet Nibiru from a super-volcano. Jean Luk-Picard very clearly said this in episodes such as Homeward, Who Watch the Watchers, and Masterpiece Society that it is not Starfleet's job to move around even when it comes to people. Of course, things are playing a little faster and more freely in the TOS era, and maybe Saru understands the importance of the twisting rules as Georgiou did for him in Short treks – The brightest star. But at least there had to be a debate on the bridge.

Only if the dinosaurs had a guardian angel like USS Discovery

I just stop by strange new worlds

Many fans were excited when previews for New Eden were released earlier this week, revealing a classic study story. Of course, writers Vaughn Wilmot, Sean Cochran and Akiva Goldsman have prepared some interesting new spins of the old premise. The concept of this third World War II community, which lives 200 years in itself in the beta quadrant, raises so many questions. Alas, we came out with very few answers because there was only a superficial study of this society. Even the only two heroes on the planet who studied Jacob and the entire mother seem to have been substitutes for Michael Burnham and Captain Pike, acting as a continuation of their discussion of science and faith.

And this is the main difference with discovery, This is a serially serialized series, with multiple plates that revolve around the arcs of the plots and the daggers of the symbols. This leads to most of the conflict within the main role, and even when USS Discovery explores a strange new world like in New Eden or last season's "Si Vis Pacem, para Bellum," the strange new world is rather a scene for our famous characters to act as a prolonged drama. As noted earlier, the episode pays great attention to basic and secondary repetitive characters, and this happens at the expense of the characters with one episode.

As "New Eden" returns to a more standard 43-minute performance period, there is simply not enough time to enable the world to build, which you would expect for an episode of Star Trek research. Some of them could be considered a flaw, but it is just part of the nature of this show. discovery is designed for the era of overeating, and the continued arcs have the advantage that each episode feels like a complete and complete independent story. USS Discovery has walks and angels, which means we'll meet the planet of the week soon.

We came, we saw, we lit the place

Continue, but smooth

"New Eden" was a solid second episode of what is still a promising second season Star Trek: Discovery, Въпреки това, шоуто може да се отпусне малко и да не усети необходимостта от непрекъснато темпо, за да се запази интереса на публиката. Вълнението е забавно, но discovery не трябва да забравяме да спрете и да помиришете извънземните рози по пътя.

От лявата страна на кораба ще видите прекрасна гледка към още една мъглявина

Случайни мисли, връзки, великденски яйца и още капачки

  • Тили е най-младият човек, който някога е пускал в програмата за обучение на командването на Звездния флот.
  • Пайк отново използва „удари го“, което го превръща в своя подпис, но вероятно няма да се досети като „ангажиране“ на Пикард.
  • Saru способност гледа: говори 90 езика.
  • Английският се счита за "Федерален стандарт".
  • Detmer разкрива, че е имала пилотен лиценз от 12-годишна възраст.
  • Пайк цитира Шекспир селце, която е препращана многократно в историята на Трек, започвайки с TOS „Съзнанието на краля“. Пиесата е достъпна дори в клингонски или „оригиналния клингон“, ако предпочитате.
  • Списъкът със задачи на Tilly включва важни неща като „Направете малко светлина“, работи върху себе си ”и„ Изследване на любимата опера на Starfleet. "
  • Тили отишла в Musk Junior High, позовавайки се на предприемача и изпълнителния директор на Tesla / Space-X Елон Муск. Това е вторият му вик в поредицата.
  • Епизодът отпадна от науката и технологиите, споменати преди на Трек, включително частиците на Метреон и тъмната материя.
  • Готовото помещение на Пайк е по-голямо от това на Лорка и има югозападно усещане за приспособяването му към възпитанието на Мохаве.
  • Връщането на Spore Drive обратно толкова скоро не е изненада и беше силно намекнато от бившите изложители много преди началото на производството дори на сезона, но това връща проблема с намирането на начин да се обясни защо никога не е чувал от или използва отново. Капитан Джейнюей е човек, който би оценил особено способностите му.
  • Вторият сезон продължава да привлича повече в широката гама от звукова библиотека на Стар Трек, като например готовия звънец за вратата на Пайк, идващ от пътник и филмите на TNG

Хаосът на списъка с задачи на Тили обяснява много

Стар Трек: Откритие is available exclusively in the United States of CBS All Access. It is broadcast in Canada to Space and Streams on CraveTV. It is available to Netflix anywhere else. The second season debuted on All Access and Space on Thursday, January 17, 2019, and on Netflix January 18, 2019.

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