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Do you think you give an echo to Amazon or Google Home? First read this

As you will see in all the big-box retailer's ads at the moment, smart home gadgets are everywhere. You can find offers for smart speakers, smart bulbs and intelligent bells.

Still, donating a smart home product can make you feel embarrassing because there are many factors in the game. Are they Amazon, Google or Apple? Which devices already have them?

The smart home appliance can be a great gift only when you do your first homework. Do not worry though. In this guide, we'll look at the right questions you need to ask, as well as the key facts you need to know before you spend.

Which smart home appliances make great gifts?

Smart home appliances work on a range of sophisticated speakers and web-displays, to simple toaster and coffee makers.

Today's most popular home cinema products are:

If your giftee does not have any intelligent pet products, start with a smart speaker like Amazon Echo Dot ($ 30 per Amazon) or Google Home Mini ($ 49 in the Google Store)They both take up very little space but come with all the same features as their modern colleagues.

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A spokesman who works best with Google or Amazon? This is important before giving the gift.

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Amazon or Google?

Choosing the right smart gift loudspeaker begins with imagining if they require Google and Amazon accounts, the services the recipient of the gifts uses.

Do they have an Android phone and / or use Google for their emails, calendar, maps, etc.? Google home ($ 99 on Walmart) the loudspeaker is awesome and tuned will be easy because it already has a Google Account.

If you buy a smart speaker for someone who is often shopping at Amazon, the Echo speaker line is a good choice. They can use it to buy items from Amazon, and much more.

The type of smart home experience you receive also depends on your phone. A specific connected home device may not work as well in an Android phone against iPhone ($ 1,199 in Amazon), One version of a product application may have mistakes or missing features.

There may even be no app for Android or iOS at all. For example, Motif Mentor's intelligent coffee scale has no app for Android (iOS only). A WinkBed smart mattress has an Android app that barely works while its iPhone software is pretty robust.

Check out what type of phone the recipient of your gift has. Then confirm that there is a matching and seamless software that is available for your smart home gadget.

It is best to buy a gift to play well with other smart gadgets already in your future home.

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Ask what is at home now

Perhaps your giftee already has an Echo or Google Home Speaker. Finding what you already have can help you choose the right gift.

For example, let's say they already have multiple Amazon Echo speakers and maybe firewalls. Giving them a bell is the way to go. This is because the ring is an Amazon brand and is tightly plugged into the related products platform.

The opposite is the case with people with different Google home devices, including the Nest thermostat. In this case, the best intelligent door for them is Nest Hello.

Intelligent bulbs are a little simpler. The two most popular brands, Philips Hue and Lifx, work with systems in both camps.

However, some lighting systems – Philips Hue and Lutron – require separate network hubs. If such a center is already at home, giving a compatible light source makes the best sense. To learn more about which devices work with other people, check out our compatible product compliance matrix.

Google WiFi is an excellent option for a network router.


Think about their home network

A smart home-based Wi-Fi home appliance is not very useful. Make sure the special person you want to give also has an adequate network.

Even the main Echo Dot or Google Home Mini can not run on a slow DSL in the sticks. The same applies to weak signals in distant cellars or upper floors.

If you know that the person you are shopping for is excited by smart home appliances and will continue to receive new ones, consider getting them as a Wi-Fi networking system. They wear a whole home with a strong Wi-Fi signal, so every smart device has a reliable connection it needs to work with. Google Wifi and Netgear Orbi are two similar systems we like.

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