Monday , January 18 2021

Does not it roast forever? There is a continuation of the works for Dr. Strand

Benedict Kumberbich will repeat his role as a doctor strangely, despite the events of Avengers: Endless War."/>
Zoom in / Benedict Kumberbat will reiterate his role as Doctor Strand, despite the events of Avengers: Endless War.

Avengers: Ultimate Player did not hit theaters for several months, but according to sources Hollywood reporter that a Doctor Strange the sequel is already at work.

Spoilers follow Avengers: Endless War and Doctor Strange,

Of course, the good doctor was cleansed along with half of all living creatures in the universe Avengers: Endless WarWe never believed that everyone was really alive and this news confirms this. Marvel refused to comment.

No script yet; this should be early next year. But on Hollywood reporter, Benedict Kumberbat will return as Stephen Strandji, along with Benedict Wong as his right hand, Wong. Rachel McAdams is going to return as well as Stephen Strandzis, a somewhat reluctant love interest, while Scott Derrick reports that he will return to the director's chair.

These are all the details we have now, but the completion of the first Doctor Strange has certainly put something for Baron Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) to return as a decent opponent. Mordo is disappointed when he finds out that the Ancient (Tilda Swinton) who followed, so devotedly achieves his long life, drawing strength from the Dark Dimension. A scene after lending showed that Mordo took away the mystical energy that another alchemist had used to walk, even though he was paralyzed in the event of an accident. So it makes sense to play a part in the sequel.

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