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Doom and franchise descendants celebrate 25 years – Tech News

A basic first person action game doom is 25 years old, along with Bethesda Publishing Company and the original co-designer John Romero, who celebrates the Grand Calendar anniversary and the Year of Destruction for Classics in 1993.

First issued on 10 December 1993, doom built on the progress of the Second World War Wolfenstein 3D and introduced a new era for the first-person shooter with the kind assistance of a demon-killing story and a heavy metal soundtrack.

For Bethesda, it's an opportunity to look again at the franchise's achievements, as well as to expect the impending, unfulfilled release of Word eternal, follow-up to the hypervaserating hell-destroying juggernaut, which was the reboot in 2016. doom,

The official franchise fanite,, was created to meet the Year of Death for franchise fans – or just for those who want to catch one or two in exchange for their email address – promoting in-game zombie Costume for the Murderers Word eternal when launched, as well as other awards, events, competitions and content that need to be detailed in the coming weeks.

Maybe then we will see Word eternal arrives as the Year of Return by the end of October 2019. And in addition to the free background images for phone and computer screens, there is a range of 25-year-old jerseys and mugs or 25-year lithographic printing from the Bethesda store,

Apart from the official announcement of Bethesda, the original doom co-designer has revealed his plans to launch a new Windows episode, nine levels, for the 1993 classics under the title "extension" magic sign,

This is due in February 2019 and requires a purchased, registered version of doom 1993 to work. Free download of magic sign will also be available in a physical form with a standard edition of $ 40 (RM167) and $ 166 (RM 694) Beast Box, which will run through Limited Run Games, which will support pre-orders open until December 24th.

"I do not think any of us knows that doom will have the impact that was there. That people asked me to do a full episode more than 23 years later? Indeed, this is an incredible honor, "Romero writes magic sign reveal.

"Apart from the impact on what will become the genre of FPS, I believe that the most important legacy of doom is her community, the people who have kept it alive for 25 years by creating mods and tools. "

Romero uses several tools created by the community to do the new doom levels, and magic sign marks the newest and greatest update from Romero after a pair of 2016 levels that revised and replaced the equivalents of the 1993 game.

Despite its relatively advanced age in video games, doom is still sold by major online retailers as a digital download, most often as a gathered version The Last Death and updated to work on modern Windows operating systems, such as Steam, GOG, Humble and elsewhere. – AFP Relaxnews

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