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Drinking alcohol in B. – BC News

January 26, 2019 / 10:23 pm | History:

The slim state government of Prime Minister John Horgan of the NDP in British Columbia will be tried on Wednesday in the election on Vancouver Island, where the liberal victory will leave the legislature closed.

Nayimoto was a new stronghold for Democrats, but the liberal victory would give the party 43 seats, binding it with 43 seats held by the NDP and the Green Party, which signed an agreement in 2017, allowing the new Democrats to form a minority government.

Through elections in B. often do not prefer sitting governments, voters tend to stay at home and results rarely have the potential to change the balance of power, but Nanaimo's choice is different from traditional, says Professor David Black, a political communications expert at Victoria & # 39; s Royal Roads University.

"That's the perfect choice," said Black. "You will never see a more interesting, complex, intricate and consistent way in my life on a provincial level."

He said the election has all the components of the high-stakes political drama that includes solid local candidates, strong provincial problems and the potential result of a change in the game.

"That may be the best choice," said Black. "Just to add ice-cold to this multi-layer cake, you have the fact that this choice, unlike most, could be a consequence of the composition of the government and the fate of this particular NDP Green Union."

Six candidates are in the race: former Democrat New Democrat MP Sheila Malcolmson, Michele Nee of Green, Liberal Tony Harris, Conservative Justin Greenwood, Robin Richardson of the Vancouver Island Party and Libertarian Bill Drake.

The election was urged to replace Leonard Krogg, a member of the five-party PNR parliament, who resigned last year after being elected mayor of the city.

Harris is a well-known local businessman, whose family has been in Nanaimo for six generations. He said he wants to focus on local health, education and economic issues instead of being involved in provincial numbers.

"This is the choice of Nanaimo and the time of Nanaimo," Harris said. "I feel that everyone has to talk about ideas, solutions that meet the needs of our community, and instead, these elections see that Nanaimo is kidnapped for this provincial cause and I do not like it."

Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson said voters have the opportunity to pronounce on the NRP.

"I will be very interested to hear from the people of Nanaimo and their concerns," says Wilkinson, who spends the days before the city's election campaign.

Horgan said the NAP is in Nanaimo by telling voters about their initiatives for childcare, healthcare, education and housing since it formed a government after the 2017 elections.

"We are doing our best to make our case to the people of Nanaimo that the moment we have had a government we have delivered to people and the community," he said. "I believe the continuation of our government is in the interest of the community."

Malcolmson says he leaves a bigger picture of NDP officials' political strategies while she spends her time fucking and hears the voters who say the former liberal government has done little to tackle homelessness and high housing costs in Nanaimo .

Hey, the daughter of former longtime Mayor of Nanaimo Frank Ney, said he told voters that he had a vision to make Nanaimo a pure leader in the economy. The election of Fourth Green in B. Legislative power will give voters greater power than the election of Harris or Malcolmson, who will play minor roles for their parties, she says.

If the liberals win, it is likely to lead to early elections with the liberals, forcing parliament to trust in every opportunity, Black said. Nayimo is a strong territory of the NDP, but the election victory is not certain, he added.

"But if you had a choice to decide the fate of your government from the point of view of the NDP, you will want it at Nanaimo," said Black. – They have lost only twice in the last 50 years.


British Columbians are drinking more than they did in the past, according to a report released on Friday on Provincial Public Health.

On Friday, a Provincial Health Officer's report, Dr Bonnie Henry, showed that 16.5% of people aged 12 or over are involved in "dangerous drinking" – four or more exit drinks for women and five or more drinks for men.

"We have seen, especially among young people, that drinking alcohol has become a phenomenon," Henry told CTV News. "If we can help people have a healthy relationship with alcohol and remember how they use alcohol, it will be something that will help them later in life."

According to the report, men are more likely to drink and boys are more likely to drink alcohol or marijuana before the age of 15, although women's statistics are rapidly catching up.

B. The Government has set a target of reducing to 14% of the population by 2023 to 14% of the population. Youth-targeted programs and educational campaigns are planned to achieve this.

Despite these findings, B. residents have the highest expected life expectancy in the country and the lowest overall heavy drinking rate.

Dr. Henry will publish a separate report on alcohol policy and the ongoing opioid crisis.

– With files from CTV News

A mad man who threw a shotgun at the police and called on them to shoot him could be charged.

RCMP responded to a home in Metcossin on Jan. 18, when a man threatened to injure himself, reports CTV News.

The police found the man in the backyard holding the gun. At this point the police did not know whether it was a real gun or not.

The police were about three feet away from the man when he suddenly brought the gun to his shoulder and directed him directly to the sergeant. Leah's breasts – Const. Nancy Saggar told CTV.

"He told me that since he is so short, he has to make a very quick decision. Or he would move and engage this man with practical techniques, or he would have to look for cover.

The man is detained at night and is expected to appear in court on March 21st.

– with Vancouver Island CTV files


The video for the surveillance of forcible theft in the suburb of Victoria was released by the police.

Langford RCMP hopes the video will lead to identifying the suspect, CTV News reported.

The December 17 video shows that the man is approaching Nissan Versa in 2009, opens the door of the car and throws the 52-year-old driver on the sidewalk before making him escape.

The stolen car was found almost a week later, in Nanaimo.

– We really see a very large area. The crime happened here on the West Bank and we have a vehicle that has been recovered for hours in another jurisdiction, so it definitely changes the scope of the investigation, "said West Coast RCMP spokesman Nancy Sagar.

The suspect is described as Caucasian, with about five feet seven and 160 pounds. It is believed to be between the ages of 30 and 40.

The victim is treated for minor injuries.

– with Vancouver Island CTV files

January 26, 2019 / 7:00 pm | History:

Prince Rupert's city raised a boiling water consultation that left 12,000 people without drinking tap water for six weeks and said he was working on the "lessons learned" report on the future.

The city argues that North Health has given approval to downgrade the announcement to consultation on water quality, which means there are some risks to sensitive people.

In counseling on water quality, newborns, elderly people and people with weakened immune systems are still encouraged to boil tap water for one minute before they consume it.

The city argues that residents who are still seeing milk or sludge-filled water should run cold water, preferably through a bath or wash-on cranes until it is cleaned.

Boiling water consumption was introduced after a dry summer, followed by a storm explosion that caused a rise in the levels of cryptosporidium and giardia that cause intestinal disease.

The length of the consultation led the Citizens Protection Group to protect citizens from criticizing city authorities for not having a readiness plan.

In August, the city applied for funding to introduce a two-stage water purification system and submarine replacement for carrying potable water from two nearby lakes.

The city says employees will work with the health authority on a report on "lessons learned" in case of similar conditions in the future, and the information will be presented to a council meeting next month.

Before Christ, nurses have ratified the new three-year deal with the province.

The nurses voted 54% in favor of the preliminary contract reached with the Healthcare Employers' Association in November last year.

The new deal enters into force on 1 April and includes a two percent increase in wages per year, a modernized staffing language that provides more security for employers and nurses as well as an improved language to clarify and streamline the process to tackle the challenges of work place.

The agreement covers about 44,000 registered, psychiatric and licensed nurses in the province.

"I believe we have negotiated an innovative contract that will have a positive impact on the working lives of our members and the patients in their care. However, the nurses have sent a clear message to the government that they are skeptical that there will be a real change, "said BCNIS President Christine Sorensen.

Nursing research two years ago indicated that staff and workload are two of the most important issues for these negotiations.

The Union argues that as a result, the provincial health authorities already have incentives to hire more nurses in the first year of the agreement.

"The unstable workload, coupled with the systemic shortage of nurses, has a direct impact on the ability of the nurse to provide safe care to patients. Our members have spoken.

"While more needs to be done, this treaty is a step in the right direction," said Sorensen.

Although Okanagan was a mild winter, it is definitely not spring.

But residents of the South Island of Vancouver can be forgiven if they think the winter is over. This is because the cherry trees are already blooming.

Colors are early, usually between mid-February and mid-May, CTV News reported.

The first trees that bloom were in the center of Victoria this week.

– with Vancouver Island CTV files

British Columbians may have the longest lives in Canada, but they rank near the bottom of mental health, despite a healthier lifestyle than most Canadians.

Women in BC may expect to live up to 84, and men to 80, on average.

But much of it depends on where you live. The difference in life expectancy between regional health authorities is expanding, a new report by Dr. Bonnie Henry reveals.

Residents of the Vancouver coastal health area have the longest longevity, followed by the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island, domestic health, and finally the northern district.

In particular, residents of Okaanagan can expect to live on average for up to 82 years, approximately in the middle of the pack. Richmond has the highest expected life expectancy at 86, while the Northwest County. is the lowest of only 79 years.

Between 2014 and 2017, life expectancy in B is declining by 0.6 years – a "downward trend that has not been seen in recent decades," she said.

Further analysis is the need to determine the extent to which the overdose crisis affects these figures, she added.

The report looks at the progress made on 36 public health indicators and finds that more people experience mental health problems, although the province has one of the highest expectations of living in the world.

Before Christ, there was the highest rate of physical activity, the lowest degree of smoking and the lowest percentage of heavy drinking. We have the second highest consumption of fruit and vegetables but we have been ranked second among the provinces for a percentage of people who appreciate their mental health as very good or excellent and for those who feel happy with their lives.

"It's very important to me that the percentage of British Colombians who report positive mental health has declined," Henry said at a press conference. "This is one of the measures we were, actually lagging behind in Canada and the rest of the world."

Henry says that, for example, forest fire smoke affects health and the province needs to do better work to assess other impacts of climate change as well as greater funding in health promotion programs.

Poverty, lack of early childhood education and low incomes are indicators of poor health, Henry said, adding that early childhood development is a problem in some urban areas.

Read the full report here.

– with files from the Canadian press

January 25, 2019 / 11:57 | History:

A Vancouver policeman is accused of dangerous driving, causing bodily injuries in connection with a pedestrian impact more than a year ago.

The Prosecutor's Office of the BC claims that the policeman was on duty during a clash on January 6, 2018.

He says Const. Andrew Peters was charged Friday at the Provincial Court of Vancouver.

The prosecution is the result of an investigation by the British Columbia police, the independent investigation service.

The Prosecutor's Office of the BC says it can not reveal any more details, as the matter is already in court.

January 25, 2019 / 11:54 | History:

A pipeline company stopped its work in the Northwest County, where 14 people were arrested earlier this month.

Coastal GasLink says in a message posted on its website on Thursday that it has stopped working in an area south of Houston as traps have been set up within construction boundaries and people have entered the site raising safety concerns.

The company says it works with RCMP to solve the problem.

Earlier this week, the Unist & Clan of Wet & Souwets Nation claimed in the social media that the pipeline workers were driving a bulldozer through the heart of one of their trails south of Houston , which, in their view, violates the Wildlife Act interference with the lawful interception.

The company claims that her work in the area has been fully approved and authorized, and reminded the public that unauthorized access to an active construction site where heavy equipment is being used may be dangerous.

The pipeline will pass through Wet suwett to $ 40 billion to export LNG Canada to Kitimat.

Opponents say Coastal Gaslink has no power to build without the consent of Wetson's hereditary leaders.

The company claims to have signed agreements with selected councils from all 20 First Nations on the route, including some selected members of the Wet & Suewet Council.

These council members say they are independent of the authority of the heiress boss and have signed agreements for better education, care and services for adults for their members.

Senior Chiefs say they have over 22,000 square kilometers of power from the traditional Wetlands territory while members of the selected group administer the reserves.

Caroline Bennett, the minister for relations with indigenous peoples, says the dispute is an example of how Indian law, which imposes a system of councils of the first nations, is still creating confusion and conflicts about the management of the local population.

January 25, 2019 / 10:37 pm | History:

The final meeting of all candidates prior to a key provincial election to Naname on Vancouver Island was filled with applause, cheers and mockery as new Democrats and liberal leaders traded Thursday night.

Six candidates, including New Democrat Shayla Malcolmson and Liberal Tony Harris, are participating in a race that has the potential to tilt the balance of power in the BC. legislative body.

Frustrated by brutal reactions from their supporters, Malcolmsson and Harris faced problems from the state of the economy to the funding of local schools and the multi-million dollar upgrades at Nanaimo Regional Hospital.

Раздразнителната атмосфера противоречи на това, което беше описано като "доста граждански" обмен по време на кампанията и по време на първата среща на всички кандидати по-рано тази седмица, когато същите въпроси бяха обсъждани в избора, който ще се проведе в сряда.

Нанаймо е нова крепост на демократите, но победата на либералите ще даде на партията 43 места, обвързвайки я с 43-те членове на НДП и Зелената партия, които подписаха споразумение, което позволява на новите демократи да сформират правителство на малцинството.

Ако либералите спечелят, председателят Дарил Плекас – бивш либерал, който седи като независим – ще проведе решаващия вот.

Предварителното гласуване продължава до неделя в ездата, което стана незаето, когато дългогодишният нов демократ Леонард Крог се оттегли, за да се кандидатира успешно за кмета на Нанаймо.

Малкълмсън подаде оставка като член на парламента на НДП, за да може Нанаймо-Ледисмит да се кандидатира провинциално и да се заплете с Харис, син на известен местен бизнесмен, за това, което Харис твърди, че е преувеличено за постиженията на НПР в БЦ.

– Не можеш да построиш силна икономика след 18 месеца – каза той с гръмки възгласи на поддръжниците си, но свирепи от страна на Малкълмсън.

Малкълмсън отново привлече подкрепата на аудиторията, като обвини БК. Либерали, които позволяват на Нанаймо да преживеят пренаселената болница, ще се стовари от години.

Министърът на здравеопазването Адриан Дикс обяви в сряда, че Нанаймо е следващият по ред за получаване на спешен център за първична медицинска помощ, а провинцията обяви 34 млн. Долара за модернизация на интензивното отделение през ноември.

Другите четирима кандидати в състезанието са Микеле Ней, представляваща Зелената партия, Б.К. Консерваторът Джъстин Гринууд, либертарианецът Бил Уокър и Робин Ричардсън с Партията на остров Ванкувър.

Избирателната активност за първите два дни на предварителните проучвания в изборите е изпреварила гласовете, подадени за същия период в последните провинциални избори, като изборите от БЦ съобщават за 3188 бюлетини, записани във вторник и сряда, в сравнение с 2955 гласове през 2017 г.

25 януари, 2019 г. / 8:55 ч | История:

Ремонтът на кей, нанесен при повреда, когато буря в урагана нахлу в южната част на Британска Колумбия миналия месец, може да струва 16 милиона долара.

Инженерният отдел на град Уайт Рок е изпратил доклад до Съвета за оценка на ремонта на пристанището White Rock на юг от Ванкувър, което може да струва между 14 милиона долара и 16 милиона долара, а незабавни поправки могат да достигнат близо 5 милиона долара.

В разгара на бурята от 20 декември мощни ветрове разкъсаха лапад и няколко платноходки от техните закрепени места, разбивайки отломките в страната на 470-метровата кея, което кара един участък да се срути.

Докладът оценява използването на стоманени пила и бетонна палуба ще струва $ 11,1 милиона, докато дървени пилони и дървена палуба ще намали това с около $ 2 милиона.

Пристанището е било осигурено, но градските власти твърдят, че той е покрит само за около 7 милиона долара.

Възобновяването на кея е насрочено за края на август, но тази дата вече е несигурна поради степента на работа и наближаващия краен срок за строителство, определен от рибарството и океаните в Канада за защита на връщането на сьомга.

"Ще бъде трудно да се изградят незабавните необходими ремонти тази година, поради прозореца за риболова. Реконструкцията на останалата част от кея към съвременния стандарт ще трябва да бъде планирана за следващите зимни сезони, освен ако прозорецът за риболов не може да бъде удължен" докладът казва.

Очаква се незабавен ремонт на срутения среден участък на кея, но щом те приключат, ще е необходима по-голяма работа, за да може целият кей да бъде безопасен, а настоящият прозорец за риболов предотвратява строителството до есента.

Дотогава кей ще бъде уязвим за земетресения, високи приливи и щети от вълни и отломки дотогава, се казва в доклада.

По-нататъшното строителство на яхтеното пристанище и западния кей на края на кея няма да започне до 2020 година.

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