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ELIMINATION BREAKDOWN: Edmonton was not used for a toilet

White's public toilet, 10270-82 Ave, in Edmonton Alta. on September 24, 2015

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It has become the first concern of the police and the owners of business districts.

Designed to hold a tide of public complaints of urination, a public glass-walled toilet that tortures a popular Edmonton nightlife destination instead becomes a popular visitor for those who have more mind than ease.

Mostly, A dream in Edmonton announced on Thursday that the public toilet – built in 2012 on White Street. and the boulevard – has become a magnet of complaints and regular stops by members of the city police force who claim to be regularly used as a shelter for bums, a drinking site or a shooting ground for illegal drug users.

"Shortly after someone has 24 hours a day watching him, I do not see anything as a long-term solution," says Const. Dan Tallak, from the Edmonton police station.

He said the lack of local social services could be responsible for the "alternative use" of the toilet, noting that the winter months lead to fewer incidents, as the homeless shelter area offers long hours during the cold weather.

Do not run urinals outside of White Walls' public toilets.

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Now that the shelter has returned to regular hours, complaints have seen their usual seasonal growth, Tallak said.

As complaints continue to intensify, it was announced on Wednesday in Edmonton that public service commissions on Saturday and Sunday do not even use the toilets instead of risking $ 500 while continuing to pirate roughly.

Sheri Klassen, executive director of the Old Business Association, described the public toilet as "dangerous and unattractive."

While the contract cleaning company needs to clean the bathroom five times a day, the cleaners do not go to the toilet if there's someone inside that makes them feel insecure.

This, the committee has heard, is a common occurrence.

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