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Elon Musk forced to defend "The incredible story of success in the US" in 60 minutes – Shame on you, CBS

10 December 2018 from Caroline Fortuna

60 minutesUncertain, unstable, reckless, operativeThese are some of the descriptors that Lesley Stahl used to describe Elon Muskus during his visit on Sunday, December 5, 2018, an episode of 60 minutes. Tesla CEO, who has led the entire electric company from uncertainty to profitability and higher than any company except Toyota and Volkswagen, talks to Stall about how this year's "most painful year" of his career . The discussion covered production, Twitter, robotics and childhood. What is important is that Musk uses the media as an opportunity to challenge how business is done in the US – from General Motors to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

To understand that the experience of Stakh and Musk is obvious, let's give more weight to what they said and the power of the media to shape the language for specific purposes. In this way, we can uncover the methods CBS used to put Musk in defense instead of celebrating an American business that is leading the world to a fully electric transport future that is essential to achieving the goals of the Paris Accord climate change. Also keep in mind the well-established reputation as an icon-maker who boasts not adhering to the "CEO's template."

Muscle as a personal and business model: the same?

"Let me embrace you, sour anxiety, for the sages say it is the most wise move."
– William Shakespeare –

60 minutes, according to the show's website, is "the most successful American TV show in history" and begins its 51st season in September 2018. The planning, design and performance of each 60 minutes the episode is extensive, taking many months and costs to bring the text story out of the contours to the broadcast. It is interesting to look at the language he was doing at that time 60 minutes an interview with Tesla Elon Musk's CEO to understand CBS's deliberate programming decisions, including convincing, convincing and lasting effects on audiences from framing and issues.

Each element of the musical interview is deliberately designed and deliberate. Each element describes a specific view and explanation how everyday people in the specific circumstances of today's American business world are expected to live and act. Musk apparently broke what business in the US may look like today. By identifying the roots of what the media describes as "normal," we can identify the challenges ahead.

Stall, as an interviewer, set a story about ~ 14 minutes of a published interview. The conversation began with Stakh's observation that last year Musk "began to act, well, strangely" and moved to a conversation about questions and answers about his tweets.

Then they discussed Musk's removal from the position of Tesla's chair on the SEC and his chosen deputy, whose role Stahl captured as a "babysitter".

Then he turns to look at Musk's childhood and uses it as a metaphor for himself as a "fighter determined to succeed and prove that they are all wrong". Stall reports that Musk complained bitterly about all the delusions and critics, his failure. " Bitter. Checking Tesla's unstable financial travel in 2018 and then joining Tesla at Autopilot, they both predict how model 3 really can be what Stahl describes as a "car for everyone that's what you've decided to build" . The interview ended with a review of the Tesla factory plant's investigations and notes on GM's recent proposal to reduce sales.

  • Words Stall used to describe Musk in a voice: "Genius, visionary, self-injured wounds, capricious, dream-driven, bloody money, strange, extravagant social media battles, smoked weeds during a podcast, military sounding had to quit Tesla's chairman, there is something bigger than life for Elon Muskus, he has a cult, one of Silicon Valley's most successful and flexible entrepreneurs, builds powerful rockets with reusable boosters, digs a deep underground tunnel to deal with congestion, a company, a fighter, determined to succeed and to prove that all are p this year was a battle, they complained bitterly, suffocated and critics fired for their failure, the failure was forthcoming, the moment of the lamp, the workers were pushing to be "wow" the price, they had to deal with complaints about the conditions in Tesla's factories, there were other concerns, a series of senior managers and engineers no one left, the company still has billions of debt. "
  • Words Stall used to describe Musk during the real interview: "The company can not survive without you, impulsive, non-CEO, unstable, unstable, reckless, opera, shave a lot, use your teenager to get back to the critics, You have a little press wars, Tweets censored, your tweets are not under surveillance, put on a kind of viewing over you as a babysitter growing up in South Africa, happy childhood, you are serious, bullied, father as emotional abuse, so you did not have a happy childhood, the story is how he puts executed the production target of 5,000 Md ls 3 a week, made Tesla winning, nearly knocked out the company, the last minute pressure, automation champion, the robots continued to fall apart, known, these are the ways they interpret, the charges for unregulated injuries, excessive hours, bullshit, drums, several press and regulator investigations, you'll sleep at night.
  • The words the Musk uses in response to Stella's statements / questions: "I am somewhat impulsive, I do not know how to smoke anything, sincerely, under crazy stress, the system would fail if I was really unstable, use my tweets to express myself, Twitter is a military zone, no one is perfect, I do not respect SEC, I do not respect them, I respect the judiciary, I'm not real, I'm the biggest shareholder, terrible, violent, almost beaten to death, if you call this harassment, the father has serious problems, ruthless criticism, inexorable, scandalous , an unjust, incredible American story of success, this is the story that we have you have to bet the company, it was life or death, a frightening, quite miraculous effort, they simply did not rely on that unconventionally, the situation is better when dealing with unexpected circumstances by the robots, however difficult it is to I will become worse for me, quite wild, not as a promise, the accuracy is not my strong suit, because I'm stupid – on p does not mean I'm wrong, I never made a mass-produced car, there was an aggressive campaign from the side of UAW to attack Tesla absolutely with nonsense in it – to try to partner with the company, I can not think it's true, someone makes pretty good cars.

One commonly used method of media text analysis is called "content analysis," in which terms are counted and qualitatively categorized. This is a very basic analytical approach, but it discovers some interesting initial data. Applying the content analysis in the 3 discourse sections above with the descriptors' connotations, we see the following content results:

Positive Connotations used by Stool to describe Musk / Tesla: 18

Negative connotations that Stall used to describe Musk / Tesla: 47

Possibilities for musk to respond with positive connotations: 11

Negative connotations that Musk uses in response to Stahl: 26

Thus, as a percentage of a piece, about 9% of the Stahl descriptors for Musk / Tesla are positive connotations, while about 72% are negative. Musk is known for brutal honesty, even when it comes to yourself, not to spin stories in a typical corporate PR way. Musk's answers were 30% positive and 70% negative.

From this content analysis we can conclude that CBS 60 minutes The Mukst interview was designed to leave Muck on defense, describing his role as a leader, as sometimes remarkable, but in general unreliable, to deploy Tesla as a launching US producer without gravity.

60 minutes

"The story that really needs to be said:" Awareness of the muscle 60 minutes interview

– You are not only responsible for what you are saying, but also for what you are not saying.
– Martin Luther –

Our social worlds inevitably rely on interpretations and explanations of events, and the language we use to describe these events can transform our social life into different ways. Musk and Tesla Dream have broken traditional versions of how business is doing in the US. Electric vehicles, automation and renewable energies are destroying entire industries – and this is happening faster than most people realize. Transition of energy occurs in real time around us, not in the distant future.

Through the analysis of critical discourses, such as this article, we see social and linguistic practices as part of a larger rhetorical strategy that establishes and strengthens public relations in power by using language. Given the socio-political context of the current time, we are looking at the language exchange within 60 minutes a segment like political speech acts and emphasizes the meaning that is used to convince an audience.

60 minutesConsumption as a social life: The focus on consumer societies is not only because capitalism is the dominant economic system in the Western world but also because the nature of the economic system affects all aspects of public life. Capitalism has changed over the past 30 years and has led to significant changes in politics, in the nature of work, education and health, social and moral values, and lifestyles.

Tesla in general and Musk in particular have violated the American automotive industry, which does not give up easily. The company in California is seeking to enter the high-end market with a high-end, S-type sports car aimed at a very narrow target. It then moved gradually to the X model SUV, and lately to the more mass market with the compact model 3, at a price consistent with the competition. Electric vehicles are marketed via the Internet, mouth-to-mouth and media articles. It is important that without an intermediary dealer, Tesla presents the customer through its galleries (shops) that are strategically located in high-end shopping areas and are invited to potential customers as part of their everyday life.

Stall does not recognize any of these details in his interview, but instead asks Muss in different ways to respond to the critics' claims.

Elon Muscu (EM): "There was ruthless criticism, ruthless and scandalous and unfair, because what actually happened here was an incredible story of America's success, all these people working their ass day and night to make it happen. they believe in sleep, and this is the story that really has to be told. "

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Tesla represents a merger of forces that represent an existential threat to traditional US automakers. Tesla leads to mass destruction of the automotive industry and the industry lags behind.

freedoms: Criticism considers what is "normal" and returns back, focusing on values ​​- in particular, the views of good society, prosperity and prosperity of man. It is based on the assessment of existing societies and the possible ways to change them. For example, many people would agree that societies should be fair or just, they must guarantee certain freedoms and must provide certain basic needs of their members. Many people around the world say that we need to take drastic and immediate steps to tackle climate change. For example, vehicle fuel efficiency standards (such as corporate fuel economy standards in the US) save drivers because higher costs for a more efficient car are more than offset by all years of less gasoline consumption.

EM: "Tesla's whole point is to speed up the emergence of electric cars, and sustainable transport, and is trying to help the environment, and we think this is the most serious problem facing humanity."

People have very different ideas of justice, freedom and need. Tesla's ability to produce fully-electric fleets sets an example and assesses what exists, what may exist and what should exist based on a consistent set of zero emission values.

Media platforms: The analysis of dialectical relations can arise between discourse and other elements or moments as well as an analysis of the internal relations that people experience through language. Multimodal analysis of the different semiotic modes including language, visual imagery, body language, music, and sound effects – and their articulation is appropriate in an era in which YouTube, Twitter and Facebook contain typical reading platforms where ideas for all electric vehicles , especially Tesla.

EM: "The only tweets that should be, say, reviewed, would be if a tweet is likely to cause movement in the stock … I want to be clear I do not respect SEC I do not respect them."

Ideology comes here: the interpretations and explanations for Tesla's marketing are ideological, as well as the influence of Big 3 on Michigan to prohibit Tesla from selling its cars directly there. CBS, suggesting that SEC's censorship of Muskus is not just inadequate but also necessary – preserves certain relationships in power. Tesla redirects transport to a clean future with non-electric electricity more than any other company. But we also need leadership from large, non-electric car manufacturers, not attempts to weaken Tesla's multimodal communications.

GM vs. Tesla: An Event of Social Discourse

The Conclusion for the Musk 60 minutes interview is interesting to analyze specifically. It was all on the internet a few days before the segment even emitted to satisfy the appetites of Tesla fans as well as members of the media who were starving for All Things Tesla. Later tonight we have a story.

60 minutes

Stahl's muscular footprint across Tesla's production line has offered the audience a visual representation of American production, both effective and forward-looking.

Elon Musk walked to Leslie Stach through an electric car factory in Tesla. He reaches a palm outside to demonstrate an aspect of a strong and vibrant production line as Stall speaks in a voice. Tesla expands, adding to its workforce, while competitor General Motors announced it plans to cut about 14.00 employees and empty plants. In the background, young live men of color unload Tesla curtains from the assembly line.

With the recent announcement of GM to cut back, Stakh offers Mousse and Tesla a short nod, which symbolizes yes, the heirs of the car have a dilemma in their hands. The transition to electric cars is tricky, but Tesla does it right here in front of us. They get so good they can save some production in Detroit by buying empty GM plants.

The stage becomes an exchange of spoken heads. Muskus took Tesla's baseball cap and listened carefully to Stakh's question. LS: Do you want to buy some of these plants, these factories? Mous nods twice before finishing his question. That they are closing you? He nods again, twice. Shake your head to?

EM: We may be interested if we were to sell a plant or not use it to get it. He nods again.

60 minutes

Tesla has achieved what many have said can never be, and now calls on other car manufacturers to join the electric car celebration.

The scene switches to a helicopter shot of a gold-plated GM tower. LS: GM also announced it will double its investment in the development of electric cars. And Elon Musk celebrates. The high metal beams cover one claw as they move upwards. Then we see a line of cherry red Chevy Bolts that are ready to move out of the factory. The white front bumper fills the next screen, its charging portal is visible. Why do you want the competition?

Some companies are moving fast and innovative in the automotive industry, but others have remained in the past. Tesla builds Gigafactories around the world and is becoming a model for fully electric, automated vehicles.

EM: The whole point of Tesla is the emergence of electric vehicles (pause) and sustainable transport. Той поклаща глава от ляво на дясно. Опитваме се да помогнем на околната среда. Това е най-сериозният проблем, пред който е изправено човечеството.

Уеб сайтът на Tesla заявява своята политика за нарушаване на патента: "Tesla Motors е създадена, за да ускори появата на устойчив транспорт. Ако изчистим пътя към създаването на завладяващи електрически превозни средства, но след това лежахме на противопехотни мини срещу нас, за да възпрепятстваме другите, действаме в противоречие с тази цел. Тесла няма да инициира съдебни дела срещу онези, които добросъвестно искат да използват нашата технология. "

Стал гледа към момента, докато Муск разговаря. Не съм сигурен дали го знаете, но отворихме всичките си патенти. Така че, ако някой, който иска да използва нашите патенти, може да ги ползва безплатно. LS: Вашите патенти са с отворен код? Очите й се разширяват и главата й кима напред. EM: Да. Ако някой дойде и направи по-добра електрическа кола от Тесла, и това е много по-добро от нашето, че не можем да продадем нашите коли и ние фалираме, все още мисля, че това е нещо добро за света.

Последни мисли

Това не е единственото 60 минути интервю, което мускулът е имал. През 2008 г. в епизод, озаглавен "Състезанието за електрическа кола", е открит сегашният муск, очертаващ причините, поради които електрическите автомобили са не само добра инвестиция, но и транспорт на бъдещето. Тогава, както сега, Тесла призна, че други компании са и трябва да произвеждат електрически автомобили, а светът ще се възползва от една обща и бързо развиваща се идеология, която електрическите автомобили са необходими за устойчиво бъдеще.

Ако само каналите на масовите медии, като CBS, ще дадат на Тесла дължимото, за да ускори способността си да трансформира аспекти на околната среда и живота. Това е целта на този вид статии – да направи прозрачните диалектически отношения между дискурса и другите социални елементи по отношение на целите на критиката не само да интерпретират света, но и да го променят.

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