If you paid attention to virtually every entertainment source this morning, you noticed that Grammy nominations were announced. While their leaders could easily be predicted, Grammy did not surprise each other annually. Considering how powerful his return is, Eminem is almost certain he will get a Grammy nomination KamikazeWhile left out of the Best Album category, Em was nominated for "Best Rap Song" for "Lucky You". The section is quite loaded as it is against Sicko Mode, God's Plan, Win and King's Dead. We will have to wait and see how voters are rocking, but for now, people are focusing on the pure irony of Em's nomination, considering their many Grammys debates in the song.

"I've made some Grammy winnings, but I sold my soul to get them," shames the "Shadow of the Song". He went a little harder in several others Kamikaze but the Grammy promoters should not have listened to them. When the song begins, Joyner Lucas declares that he has wanted Grammy all his life, but he probably will not be on his way. Maybe that's his chance.

Joyner Lucas is also nominated in the "Music Videos" category for "I'm not a racist." Eminem is now nominated for a total of 44 awards in the show's history. Will you look to see who wins?