Tuesday , June 15 2021

Empire star Jussie Smollett to open Good Morning America door in first interview after attack

Jussie Smollett sat down for his first television interview after his attack in Chicago last month Morning America Robin Roberts.

The preview for the segment, which will be broadcast on Thursday (US time), on Empire It appears that the star reveals what happened to the incident that the police in Chicago described as a possible hate crime that is racially motivated and homophobic.

When Roberts asks whether at any time during the attack he was afraid of for his life, the musician is seen crying.

The 36-year-old had previously spoken to the incident – which revolted defenders nationwide because reportedly a chemical was poured on the actor and the loop was tied to his neck – through his publicist while playing at Trubadur earlier this month .

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But the interview on Thursday will be his first time in which he will present the events in detail to the public.

While Smolet collaborated with the police in Chicago, investigators have recently rejected his telephone records as evidence because "they do not meet the burden of criminal investigation because they were limited and heavily edited," a spokesman for the department said.

Detectives may be watching for Smolet to request additional data to confirm the investigation schedule. Meanwhile, his neighbors and other reports also cast doubt on his account.

Jussie Smollett made her first interview after being attacked in Chicago last month.

Richard Shoutwell / AP

Jussie Smollett made her first interview after being attacked in Chicago last month.

Smollett responded to skepticism on his account with a new statement on Tuesday, saying that the edited information was intended to protect his inviolability and contact information with others not related to the attack.

"The Chicago administration has repeatedly told us they have found Jussie's account of what happened this night in a consistent and credible manner," his representatives said. Deadline on Tuesday, stating that Smolet had always been a victim in the case.

"We continue to work closely with the Chicago DP, and we remain confident they will find Jussi's attackers and bring them to justice," the statement said.

Smollett's representatives did not respond immediately to the request for comment on Wednesday.

– "The Los Angeles Times"

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