Friday , June 18 2021

Epic Games responds to the trial of rapper 2 Milly Fortnite

Epic Games and Fortnite have been the subject of various lawsuits for the use of emotions and dances. Epic Games shot these allegations.

Fortnite has become the target of numerous lawsuits lately with rapper BlocBoy JB being the latest filed a lawsuit on the use of emotion.

Epic Games came out with strong words against Terrence's "2 Milly" Ferguson, saying that there was no way anyone could have a dance step.

– No one can have a dance step. The copyright law is clear that individual dance steps and simple dance combinations are not copyright protected but are building blocks of free expression that are publicly available to choreographers, dancers and the general public to use, perform and enjoy, He writes Dale Kendali, Epic attorney, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

It is clear that Epic Games thinks they have done nothing wrong, making it interesting to see where it is going.

Alfonso Ribeiro from the fresh Prince of Bel Air glory, rapper 2 Million, backpack and even the mummy of the orange shirt all have filed a lawsuit against Epic Games on the use of emotions.

Here you can read the entire Epic Games response.

We still do not know how these cases will begin, but we'll be sure we'll update you when we know more.

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