Thursday , January 21 2021

Epic's New PC Game Store makes waves even without a ton of gaming

The new Epic Games digital store was released last night at the awards and has an outstanding opportunity to call: hell, the latest game by the developers of the bastion and funeral fire in Supergiant Games. This is one of the reasons to give the store that lives in the star of the Epic game Fortnite, a look in the coming weeks. While Epic does not have nearly the choice of games Steam does, it does some interesting things that are worth keeping.

The store contains just three buy games, so it's not ready to knock yet. The biggest hook for players now is that Epic will give a free game every two weeks. For December this means an underwater survival game Subnautica on December 14, followed by Super meat boy starting December 28. The services for PS4 and Xbox One as well as Twitch and EA's Access to all games down to the cost of a regular subscription, but Epic offers free of charge free of charge subscriptions. It remains to be seen how good the free games are in the future, but Subnautica and Super meat boy are good enough to get started. (Combined, both games currently cost $ 40 per Steam).

The other remarkable thing about Epic Games is the division of its revenue with game developers, which is closer to the generous conditions of than Steam. Developers receive 88% of the money coming from the sales of their games on the platform. This is no matter how much their game is sold or how big the studio is.

But while this revenue split can attract more game creators to the store, it is now extremely small and simple. In addition to hell, there are currently only two other games you can buy: ashamed, an action-packed role-playing game I just released on the PC and yesterday's PC, and Hello neighbor: Hide and search, Darksiders III, a flawless game, will be added on December 14, along with the Subnautica followed by Super meat boy at the end of the month. There are nine more games listed as "upcoming":

  • Genesis Alpha One from Radiation Blue and Team17
  • travel from thisgamecompany and Annapurna Interactive
  • Maneater from Tripwire Interactive (coming soon)
  • Wild wild animals by Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive
  • impassable from Giant Squid Studios
  • Escape from the rebels' rebels by double damage
  • satisfactory from Studios Stain Studios
  • Super meat boy forever by Team Meat
  • World War Z by Sabr Interactive

While this selection will certainly increase, it is clear that the Epic Games Store will not be like Steam in the near future. This is not necessarily a hurried thing. When it was announced on Tuesday, the store had set off a "hand-to-hand" experience and I have to say, once I've become accustomed to tune in most of Steam's noise while trying to break through algorithmically designed lists of the latest and upcoming games, it's refreshing to just browse a list of what I can buy.

Save pages for individual games like hell there are some information and trailers but there are no user reviews or links to forums, news and many other features that may sometimes be useful but also overwhelming and unnecessary. While Epic said its store would get things like consumer reviews in the future, it will be optional for developers and can be deployed on a game basis. The store's left mark is reserved for links to your game library, current downloads, and a list of friends, but that is the case.

This is fresh and minimalist. Perhaps he will not stay that way long when he becomes more crowded and ambitious. For now, however, this is a frankly enjoyable break from the cacophony of distraction and attention that swept everywhere else on my computer and on the internet.

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