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Events: Three things to do in Vancouver on Friday, November 23rd

Scuba Claus returns to Vancouver Aquarium this holiday season.

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Looking for something in Metro Vancouver? Here are three suggestions for Friday, November 23rd.

Emil Carr University has sold legendary student art

I'm a fool for a nice performance of art and the legendary Emily Carr's student art exhibition is certainly so. The university throws away any incredible artistic talents, many of which will sell pieces for much more in the future than they will pay this weekend. If you want to load an accessible art by highly talented local artists, that's where to do it. Find original paintings, drawings, ceramics and sculpture, along with photographs, prints, wearing objects, home utensils, greeting cards, and more.

Where: Emil Carr University of Art + Design, 520 E. First Ave., Vancouver
When: Doors open at noon
Price: FREE

The Highest Person on Earth

The Swedish singer-songwriter Saras Peck Christian Matson, a Dylan folk who runs past the "Highest Man on Earth", visits Chan Center on Friday as he walks in support of his new fifth song, "When the Bird Sees Hard Land. do not be fooled because this is not EP Instead of releasing the entire batch at one go, Mattsson releases every song and music video from the project every month of the year, which means that your best bet for listening in sequence is to see it in UBC.

Where: Chan Center, 6265 Crescent Road, UBC, Vancouver
When: 8 PM
Price: 49.50 USD

The light of the seabed in the aquarium in Vancouver

There are two reasons you should visit Vancouver Aquarium this weekend: The first is to see a sea of ​​lights, an exciting experience of bubbles, lights and sounds that Aquarium has described as a playful interpretation of oceanic diving. The second is to see Scooby Claus, a diver dressed as Santa, who visits only the Aquarium for the holidays. All Christmas items on the aquarium arrive on Friday, including the eldered Christmas tree, the Teck Connections gallery, and the jellyfish glossy display in the Tropics gallery. Go see everything.

Where: Aquarium in Vancouver, 845 Avison Way, Vancouver
When: 10:00 to 17:00.
Price: $ 38

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