Wednesday , June 16 2021

Expected life expectancy is lowest in the northern BC: health report

A report published by the provincial health official shows residents in the northern peninsula. have the lowest life expectancy in the province and the difference is increasing.

Dr Bonnie Henry says the province has made significant progress in several areas of public health, but not all British Colombians experience these improvements.

"There are important differences in health status based on the province's region, gender and age. There are also some measures where we actually lose a position. "

Life expectancy varies in BC. health regions such as the coastal areas of Vancouver are 82.4 years for men and 86.4 years for women.

The lowest average life expectancy in the Northern Region is 77.4 years for men and 81.9 years for women. The Island Health Region ranks in the middle of the five zones at 80.2 years for men and 84.1 years for women.

According to the report, public health problems in the province include low consumption of fruit and vegetables, health education in schools and dangerous drinking behavior.

But there are also several positive trends in the province, including reducing mortality from preventable causes and smoking during pregnancy. Hepatitis C cases also continue to decline, the report said.

"Collaboration at all levels of government, health authorities and other health partners will be key to achieving our goal of a healthier BCH," says Henry.

The report contains seven recommendations for improving the quality of life in all regions of the province. The full report, entitled "Taking the Population Pulse: Current Health Information for British Colombians", tracks the progress of 36 public health enforcement measures.

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