Friday , June 18 2021

FC President Toronto Manning says Altidor's comments are a misconception

Toronto – After Ozzy Altidor came out in a title, cheating on some dissatisfaction on Friday night, Toronto Bill Manning drew attention to the striker's comments on a Monday conference call with the media.

Altidor called the Toronto president on Friday evening after a 4: 3 victory over the Minnesota United FC, frustrated by the fact that coach Giuseppe Guilleli, with whom he worked for the last three years, is no longer welcome to the club, which means that the departure has contributed to the concern caused by the mutilation that forced him to do so.

"Josie made some comments after the match on Friday night," Manning said.[We] this morning had a very good meeting. He did not have all the information and now he sees what I'm working on, and we are both in a good place and we are moving forward in terms of Giuseppe's role in the club. "

Manning gave an example to convey his reaction at the first hearing of the remarks.

"Your son is excited in a public place and a little embarrassed," Munching said. "You will make him alone, but he still loves him. I was disappointed that he came out as he did, but I love him. Once he received the information he felt calm, he was very happy and relieved.

– We are close, we are family; he's so important to the club, "Manning added. "I think [our] relationships can actually become stronger through all of this. "

Munching noted that any disciplinary measure would be maintained "internally" and that MRT on hair trauma would indicate that the striker would miss 2-3 weeks.

Gueli specializes in ARP (Accelerated Recovery Performance), which combines electrical stimulation with exercise.

– He originally came with Sebastian Jovinko. It was a bit on its own island, "Manning explained. – Especially he worked with the designated players. It was a deal I wanted to end up with. "

"Michael [Bradley] and Ozzy had talked about their importance to them, and it was important for him to be accessible to the entire team, "Manning said. "Giuseppe and I took the same flight [to Italy]; I actually had dinner on Friday night, trying to work on a new deal. Neither I nor Giuseppe know Iose.

"On [April] When we left Italy, Iosie did not know that Giuseppe would return. We're finishing a new deal where he'll be with our club, "Manning said. "And Giuseppe is already here. [Will be] a few weeks a month. "

"It would be nice if we told him we were having dinner," Manning laughed. – He could have avoided it.

Manning went on a Scout tour to Italy with a new TFC manager of player engagement Jason Hernandez, who hosted the agent of Jovanko Andrea Amico, where they took three games. Manning then went to the Los Angeles County Council of Governors, leading to a collapse in communication.

"I took it with a grain," Manning said. – Josie is passionate. I'm sure the things he said are more warm than now and are not meant to hurt me. This is one of those moments.

For his part, Altidore apologized to Manning on Monday through the social media.

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