Wednesday , January 27 2021

Fees imposed after an ejected dog found with football in the stomach

Two people were indicted for animal cruelty after a sophisticated boxer was captured in Vancouver last January.

BC CPSA said Cedric was so thin that "every one" of his ribs fell to the side. The dog also had deflationary football in his otherwise empty stomach.

"He was just skin and bones, definitely the most feeble dog I've ever seen in my 30s saving animals," said Jody Dunlop, Managing Director of the Vancouver Branch.

The charges against the women of Emmy Hui-Yu Lin and Glen Misslaung were announced on Tuesday.

24/7 routine recovery procedure

The boxer had a body condition assessment of just one in nine when he was saved in January. The trembling dog's body was covered with pressure wounds, and an operation to remove football was needed.

Cedric, a three-year-old boxer before he recovered. (BC SPCA)

Dunlop, who encouraged Cedric after the seizure, said the spoon feed the animal 24 hours a day to bring it back.

"I made him eat a tablespoon of food every few hours, carefully watching him to make sure he does not swallow anything more than he can," she said.

The three-year-old boxer made a "full recovery" after several months of intensive care. Since then, he has been admitted to a "loving family," according to the agency.

The dog was presented in May with the "Animal Courage" award, "in recognition of his resilience in the face of suffering."

If convicted, Hui-Ju Lynn and Millan could be fined up to $ 75,000, two years in prison and a ban on possession of animals throughout their lives.

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