LOOK UP! The International Space Station is flying over your house tonight!

Here are your other chances to see it this week:

• Wednesday evening ISS will be visible in 4 minutes, starting at 7:10 am. It will appear 11 ° above the West Northwest, then it will disappear at 19 ° above the South.

• See it Thursday night at 6:17. It will appear 10 ° above the northwest and will disappear 10 ° southeast six minutes later.

• Friday will be harder to catch because the station is visible for only one minute. Look for it 12 ° above Southwest at 19:05. It will disappear 10 ° above the southwest.

• Saturday you will have two minutes to catch it. It will appear 23 ° above the Southwest and will disappear 11 ° above the South.

Clouds will become a problem as the week continues. Your best chance to see the International Space Station will be Wednesday evening before we start racing.