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Finn Balor reveals a wide-spread nature of wounds and wounds

WWE Superstar Finn Balor was today a guest Awesomeness E & C pad, Bally opened the shoulder injury door he suffered in winning the Universal Championship against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam 2016. The sting forced Balls to give up their Universal Championship the next night of RAW. He then underwent extensive shoulder surgery and retreated from the struggle for nine months.

Balor returns to the WWE in April 2017 and has since climbed the Universal Championship. On Sunday, Balls will have the opportunity to regain the Universal Championship, which was forced to give up in 2016 by confronting Universal Champion Brock Lester to the upcoming Royal Rumble.

(Credit for Transcription: Michael McClell, WrestleZone)

The trauma he suffered against Seth Rolls of SummerSlam 2016: t

I immediately realized that the shoulder was open because I could feel it. I really did not know how bad it was because I had a split on my shoulders before I let it go and it was not too bad. When I hit the deck, I said, "Oh, no, your shoulder is out of place." I instinctively pulled my wrist and pulled her forward. She appears again and I go, ok, better. Just breathe. Relax. Take your camps. Go back to the ring. I went back to the ring and started working. He feels quite loose. I think he shot me and I put him back and push him in the back, and only that little push with his right hand on his back jumps back. I'm going, "Oh, no, that will be a big problem." Finally I went out three or four times in the game where I continued to restart and restart it but it was completely destroyed. It was a tear of biceps, a tear, the nest was broken, the paw was torn, and I kept straying away. In the middle of the game, I realized you would not be fighting for a long time. They said, "Stay the course," and finish the game, and the rest is a story.

What is Surgery:

The doctor diagnosed him as a torn neck. The next day, we're going to get a scan in Manhattan. They say there is a tear there. [Foley] where I return the title and am on a flight to Birmingham. They opened me Tuesday morning … they cut me off, waiting for the lashes and the little lock to break. He says, "You'll be under 30 minutes. You will come back and return to the ring after three months.

He enters the scope and looks for the end of the tube's tear and he goes all the way up and is like, 'Oh, no, the roast is torn. "Then he goes all the way down:" Oh, no, the biceps is also torn. "Then he has to take lunch and figure out a plan for the game how he will do the surgery while I'm knocking on the bed, eventually going out for 6 hours or something like that." After all, WWE called, "Why did not she get out of the surgery?" It was supposed to be just a 40-minute trial. "It was obvious he had to figure out a strategy for how he would fix it, and in what order." He said there was a big mess, but it was just one violence that provoked he said there was no way to know, and maybe this trial could have been there, and so on di, but he said it is more than likely a forced separation.

On his consciousness after injury:

When I sit on the deck inside the ring when it happens and let it go, I literally think of myself: "It is very typical for you to put another obstacle on your way to keep you from where you want it to be. Okay my friend! "Honestly, I really believe that things happen for some reason, in fate, in the universe that works for us rather than against us, and perhaps what happened this day is the universe that says," You are not ready for what you are. " Maybe it happened quickly. My whole career started from the bottom and slowly climbed up. Then suddenly I threw myself into RAW and spent three weeks at the top of the hill. I think the way the universe knocks me back to the bottom of the hill and makes me climb again slowly. I think the people around me are more upset about me than I was upset. For me, I was this 18-year-old child who had this dream to be a WWE Superstar and I had a Universal share in my hands. I did it. I reached the top of the mountain and looked like, "What else should I do?" I would not change it.

What are His 9 Months?

We had to do a second surgical operation in which it puts stem cells. The first month is quite blurred by going back and forth to Birmingham and getting everything fixed and getting a timeline for when I could get back, then just getting headed in the clinic. WWE was great. They let me move to Birmingham, so I did a lot of rehabilitation there. I did a week and a week of rest. I did not like being home, so flying to Birmingham and rehabilitation for a week brought me the satisfaction of being on my way. I'll spend a week in Birmingham, one week at the Center for Performances and Time Mining. It sounds like a long time – 9 months – but it's flying.

On the fight Brock Lesnar in the roar of the Chase field:

I do not plan the future. I do not think much about things. I'm sure I'll really be in the day and enjoy it, but a few days ago someone said, "It's a baseball stadium you're fighting for." I did not even go through my mind until somebody said, "I want to throw it out of my mind again. I think it's better to live right now and when you get there in the day, see how you feel, feel and try to create something for the day. The more you try to plan these things in advance and accumulate these expectations in your head, the more you will get away from yourself and you will quit the results. I will just try to go with the flow of the day and do the best I can, but I will go there and live right now. We hope people enjoy it. I hope to enjoy and hope we get it out of the park, we do not have a game of words.

Readers can listen to the Edge and Christian interview with Finn Balor in their entirety below:

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