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Flair Airlines Withdrawal Message – Business News

| History:

The Union, representing the 139 flight staff members of Flair Airlines, has sent a 72-hour pay notice referring to pay.

Workers negotiate for their first contract with salaries, pensions and plan everything on the table. If the talks are not settled, the strike may start early next week.

"There are currently no groundbreaking flights, no impact on passenger safety," said Gary Ye, a representative of the Canadian Union of Civil Servants at Local Level. "There will probably be a delay and a reduction in service on board, your ability to buy drinks and similar things will be limited."

The Union cites a two-tier wage structure for existing workers and new tenants as a major stumbling block.

"Flair is transparently involved in a division and conquest strategy aimed at driving a wedge between workers to compete with other low-cost carriers. It is quite unfair to pay a group of doctors 30% less to do the same job as other flight assistants, "said Yee.

In a statement Flyer says they are forced to reduce their starting salaries to those of their competitors.

"We have historically paid our flight crew with 30% higher starting salaries than our competitors," said Flair spokesman Iris Dias. "We can not continue to pay such a premium and we have asked for all new flights to start with the same wages as our competitors."

Flyer says that after the 72-hour attack announcement, "many" flight officers have told the management that they will continue to work regardless of any labor action called by the union.

"The support we have received suggests that all flights will work normally on Monday, but we recommend that passengers check the status of their flight on our website," Diaz said.

Flair offers service to several Canadian and international destinations from the International Airport of Kelowna. The Union will be in a legal strike at midnight on December 10th.


7 December 2018 and 1:02 pm | History:

Aurora Cannabis reports that it will deliver medical cannabis to Mexico through a partnership with the pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor Farmacias Magistrales.

Farmacias recently received a green light for cannabis imports, which Aurora says is the first and only import license granted by the federal Mexican authorities to date.

Aurora Chief Executive Terry Butt says exclusive partnership expands the benefits of the early strength of the cannabis manufacturer in Latin America.

The main potato maker at Edmonton claims that Farmacias has approximately 80,000 retail points and 500 pharmacies and hospitals in Mexico.

He adds that Farmacias has also obtained licenses from the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks in Mexico for the production and distribution of products with CBD and THC.

Aurora's shares rose 10 percent to $ 7.82 for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

December 7, 2018/9: 01h | History:

A pair of young oil companies in Calgary cut shareholder payouts and cut production due to current strong discounts on Western Canadian oil prices.

Both Cardinal Energy Ltd. and Granit Oil AD claim they can not afford to wait and see if the production cuts imposed by the Alberta government on January 1 will work to break the oil gap, to allow for price recovery.

Cardinal shares fell more than six percent at the start of the Toronto Stock Exchange after announcing that they would temporarily cut their monthly dividend from 3.5 cents to a penny for a "uncomfortable low price" in the fourth quarter .

Granite stock fell 4.7% after announcing it would terminate its monthly dividend of 2.3 cents per share.

Cardinal said he has decided to cut production by 22,000 barrels per day of oil by 15% (about 3300 bp / d) to avoid net losses due to low prices.

Granit also said it has stopped production at around 200 b / d after a third-quarter output of just under 2000 boe / d.

"The lack of leadership of provincial and federal governments and the failure to act on new pipelines for export costs not only Alberta, but all Canadians – significant revenues and future investments in our country," Cardinal said in a statement.


December 7, 2018 / 6:51 pm | History:


Exploiting 94,100 new jobs last month has lowered the country's unemployment rate to 5.6% – its lowest level since Canada's statistics, which began to measure comparable data more than 40 years ago.

The overall figure was the biggest monthly increase in the March 2012 workforce survey when it had a profit of 94,000 jobs, Canada's statistics said Friday.

Employment growth in November was boosted by adding 89,900 full-time jobs. For employees' work, the private sector added 78,600 jobs in November, while the public sector earned 8,300 jobs.

The increase last month led to a 5.8% drop in unemployment, which was the previous low since similar data was first made available in 1976. The old statistical approach – before 1976 – reported unemployment rate of 5, 4% in 1974

But the report on Friday also contains disappointing details.

The average annual increase in hourly wages for permanent employees during the year continued to decline in November to 1.46% to deliver the slightest reporting since July 2017.

Experts expect wage growth to increase due to the tight labor market, but it declines each month as the May peak of 3.9%. Now she sits well below inflation.

UPDATE 5:50 am

National unemployment was 5.6% in November. Statistics Canada also publishes seasonally adjusted quarterly sliding average unemployment rates for large cities. However, he warns that figures may fluctuate widely because they are based on small statistical samples. Here are the unemployment rates last month by cities (figures from the previous month in brackets):

– Kelowna, B.C. 3.9 (5.0)

– St. John & apos; s, N.L. 8.1 per cent (9.0)

– Halifax 6.2 (6.6)

– Moncton, N.B. 5.2 (5.8)

– Saint John, N.B. 5.7 (6.0)

– Saguenay, Ky. 5.4 (5.7)

– Quebec 3.8 (3.9)

– Sherbrooke, King. 5.4 (4.8)

– Troy-Riviers, Ky. 5.3 (4.9)

– Montreal 5.9 (5.9)

– Gatineau, Kay. 4.6 (4.4)

– Ottawa 4.6 (4.7)

– Kingston, Ont. 5.5 (5.4)

– Peterborough, Ont. 5.2 (6.2)

– Osh, Ont. 5.7 (5.8)

– Toronto 6.2 (6.3)

– Hamilton, Ont. 4.7 (5.0)

– St. Cathars-Niagara, Ont. 7.0 (7.3)

– Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, Ont. 5.1 (5.2)

– Brantford, Ont. 7.0 (6.2)

– Guelph, Ont. 3.0 (3.3)

– London, Ont. 4.8 (4.9)

– Windsor, Ont. 6.0 (6.9)

– Barry, Ont. 5.0 (5.2)

– Sudbury, Ont. 6.3 (6.0)

– Thunder Bay, Ont. 5.1 (5.3)

– Winnipeg 5.9 (6.1)

– Regina 6.4 (6.8)

– Saskatoon 6.1 (6.9)

– Calgary 7.9 (8.2)

– Edmonton 6.2 (6.3)

– Abbotsford, B.C. 4.6 (4.7)

– Vancouver 4.1 (4.3)

– Victoria 3.8 (3.9)

ORIGINAL 5:40 in the morning

Canada added 94,100 jobs in November, far more than economists expected. The National Unemployment Rate fell to 5.6%, the lowest of Statistics Statistics Statistics began collecting comparable data in 1976.

They're coming

December 7, 2018 / 5:15 pm | History:

Canadian Cannabis Producer Cronos Group said it would receive a $ 2.4 billion capital investment from the Altria Group, one of the largest tobacco companies in the world.

Marlboro cigarette manufacturer will acquire a 45% ownership stake in Cronos on the initial investment.

Altria can invest another $ 1.4 billion to increase its stake in Cronos to 55%.

Cronos has already confirmed that it is in talks with Altria, which joins Molson Coors, Constellation Brands and other established companies that are making cannabis space movements.

Cronos President and CEO Mike Gorenstein says the deal with the Altria will give Toronto-based company the resources to expand faster and increase its R & D investment.

6 December 2018 and 14:00 | History:

Lululemon Athletica Inc. announced that it had earned $ 94.4 million in the third quarter due to $ 72.3 million in the previous year.

The Vancouver-based apparel company claims that earnings per share amounted to 71 cents per share, compared with 43 cents per share in the third quarter of 2017.

According to Thomson Reuters Eikon, Lululemon beat the expectations of analysts, according to which the company will announce a profit of $ 92.5 million.

According to Lululemon, total net revenue increased by 21% to $ 747.7 million and was mainly fueled by the opening of 38 new stores in Asia, Europe, Canada and Australia.

The increase in net revenue was partly offset by the $ 9.3 million decrease due to the exchange rate and the closure of 48 of its Ivivva trademarks.

Meanwhile, the company's e-commerce efforts were down from $ 476.9 million, compared with $ 425.1 million in the previous year.

6 December 2018 / 10:15 hours | History:

The Canadian National Railway Company hopes to acquire a stake in the largest container terminal in eastern Canada.

The Montreal-based company has confirmed joining its partner to make an offer of interest to Halterm, which has an area of ​​30 hectares in the port of Halifax, but refused to provide details.

Halifax is Canada's busiest port of container traffic, behind Vancouver, Montreal and Prince Rupert in northwest British Columbia.

CN Rail is the only rail operator in Halifax.

The Halterm container terminal was purchased by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners in New York for $ 172.7 million in January 2007.

Industry analyst Walter Spacklin of RBC Capital Markets said the acquisition of a minority share, although not large for the CN, would be strategically positive for Canada's largest rail company.

December 6, 2018 / 10:07 | History:

Oil price cuts affected exports in October after Canada's trade deficit surged to about $ 1.2 billion in October compared with $ 891 million in September.

Economists expected a $ 700 million deficit, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

"The surprising disappointment of October in the trade deficit adds to the weakness of the previous month, but the details reveal that the inertia below the surface is a bit stronger," Catherine Suthe's economist wrote in the report.

In terms of volume, exports increased by 1.2%, as lower energy prices led to a 2.3% drop in total export prices. Real imports were essentially unchanged.

The judge noted that the increase in export volumes was a positive indicator of production shipments and monthly GDP.

"Following the discouraging third-quarter winding up of wind power in other parts of the economy, including in the energy sector, this report is a step in the right direction," the judge said. "Bank of Canada, however, will need more consistent positive data to raise interest rates in its January meeting."

The Bank of Canada retained its primary target for the interest rate this week, amid a fall in oil prices and an unexpected decline in business investment.

Many market observers interpret the bank's comments as obvious and reduce the chances of the central bank raise its interest rate in January.

Statistics Canada reported on Thursday that total exports fell by 1.2% in October to 49.3 billion dollars, despite an increase in seven of the 11 sections.

Exports of energy products dropped 12.4 percent to $ 8.8 billion in October, largely due to a 15.4 percent drop in crude oil prices. Exports excluding energy products grew by 1.6%.

Meanwhile, exports of motor vehicles and parts grew by 4.4 percent to $ 7.8 billion.

Total imports declined by 0.6 percent to $ 50.5 billion in October, with seven out of a total of 11 sectors moving lower, driven by motor vehicles and parts, as well as basic and industrial chemicals, plastics and rubber products.

Imports of motor vehicles and parts decreased by 3.5 percent to 9.1 billion dollars in October and the main industrial group for chemical, plastic and rubber products fell by 4.5 percent to 4.0 billion dollars.

December 6, 2018 / 7:04 h | History:

North American stock markets declined at the start of trading amid worries that the arrest of Huawei's chief executive officer, China's Huawei telecommunications equipment maker, could hinder progress in China. business negotiations.

The combined index S & P / TSX fell by 340.34 points to 14,842.30.

In New York, Dow Jones' average industrial value declined by 393.88 points to 24 633.19. The S & P 500 fell 40.18 points to 2,659.88 while the Nasdaq composite dropped by 100.07 points to 7,058.36.

The Canadian dollar traded for 74.57 cents in the US compared to an average of 74.89 cents in the United States on Wednesday.

The crude oil contract for January declined by $ 1.44 to $ 51.45 a barrel, and the gas contract for January fell 15.7 cents to $ 4.31. of mmBTU.

The gold contract in February rose by $ 5.10 to $ 1,247.70 an ounce, and the copper contract in March was $ 4.90 cents at $ 2.73 per kilo.

December 6, 2018 / 7:03 pm | History:

Eddy Lammer and his hedge fund ESL Holdings offer to buy the rest of Sears for up to $ 4.6 billion in cash and stock.

The chairman of Sears and ESL owns half of the company's Hoffman Estate, Illinois, according to FactSet. Sears filed a defense against the collapse of Chapter 11 in October, weighted by years of decline in sales and massive debt.

ESL Holdings said in a regulatory statement on Thursday that its non-binding bid for approximately 500 remaining Sears stores will keep about 50,000 employees working. The proposal is subject to the due care and ability of ESL to receive funding, among other things.

6 December 2018 / 6:54 pm | History:

Dollarama Inc. announced it has earned 133.5 million dollars in the last quarter, which has grown from $ 130.1 million a year ago.

The trader says earnings amounted to 41 cents per share for the company's third quarter, 38 cents a share in the same quarter last year.

Analysts expected earnings of 42 cents per share for the quarter, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.

Sales for the quarter ended Oct. 28 amounted to $ 864.3 million, an increase of $ 810.6 million, while comparable sales in stores increased by 3.1% compared to a 4.6% growth in the same quarter of the year.

The comparative growth in store sales is due to a 4.0% increase in the average transaction amount partly offset by the 0.9% drop in the number of transactions.

Dollarama says the pace of comparative growth in store sales over the past quarter reflects its decision to strategically restrict prices in recent quarters.

December 6, 2018 / 6:46 pm | History:

This is the color of underwater reefs hanging for an expensive life. The sky at dusk. Some of the latest iPhones and newest look on the tracks of Mark Jacobs and other top fashion designers. Living Coral was chosen by the Pantone Color Institute as its 2019 color of the year.

Can the color be enjoyable? Laurie Pretman, vice president of the company, believes that this rich orange base with the golden line is not only warm and welcoming but multifaceted and life-giving. He energizes with a softer edge than, say, his pastel and neon colored cousins.

"With everything that is happening today, we are looking for those humanitarian qualities because we see life online, dehumanizing many things," Presman told the Associated Press before announcing the annual color on Wednesday. "We are looking for those colors that bring food, comfort and knowledge that make us feel good." "It's not too hard, we want to play, we want to be lifted."

Но искаме ли да се придвижваме към този цвят на бабите? Пресатам също вижда ретро вибриране на Living Coral, по същия начин по-меката версия на 2018 пика, "Ultra Violet", е сянката на някои сиви глави, когато тонерите за коса превръщат листа в лилаво.

"Това е емоционалната храна. Това е голяма прегръдка", каза тя за Living Coral.

Колко важен е цветният анализ, когато се претегля, а останалата част от света е в очите на наблюдателя. Pantone е предприятие с идеална цел, което прогнозира цветовите тенденции, анализира психологията на цветовете и съветва компаниите по цвят за опаковане на продукти и идентичност на марката. Продуктите й идват с ценови етикети, но почти 20 години от избора на цветове на годината са били полезна маркетингова стратегия и безплатни, безплатни, безплатни.

Living Coral се издига, казва Пресман, в момент, когато избелването поради изменението на климата продължава да ограбва действителните коралови рифове на техните дъги. Това е цвят, който изглежда да работи за всички, по отношение на половия спектър в облеклото и в различните сегменти, от изкуството и домашните потреби до вътрешния интериор и индустриалния дизайн.

Цветът също така сочи дълга и често болезнена слабост през последното десетилетие, или така, поради финансовите пазарни плаши и политическите кризи към хаоса на околната среда и възхода на социалните медии, където присъстват наситени цветове, каза пресмайсторът.

"Виждаме толкова много наситени цветове", каза тя. "Това е влиянието на социалните медии, защото хората искат нещата да се откроят. Това определено е цвят, който виждате в социалните медии".

Живият корал е жив, но "не е толкова силен и в лицето ти", каза тя. – Достатъчно ярка и привлекателна.

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