Saturday , January 16 2021

For the last night: Buck Warriors flip script

Given the 37 turnovers and 105 missed shots, the Warriors-Bucks confrontation was not the meeting that was expected, although the 3-pointer was still a big factor.

With Draymond Green and Kevin Duran (11 points at 3 out of 14 shooting), the Warriors played a playoff page before Durant to avenge one of their worst defeats of the season, defeating Bucks 105-95 in Milwaukee.

Steven Carey and Clay Thompson scored 20 points and hit 4 of 9 beyond the rainbow, while Andrew Iguodalla added a 15-point high season. The gold state retreated in the second half with another warm section of the 3-point line.

The warriors capped Yanis Antenonpo to 20 points and detained Bucks to 95 points for their first season under 100.

This was the 3rd and 6th victories for the Warriors, who shot 41 percent (19 of 46) from 3rd, while Bucks was only 7 out of 39 (18 percent) off.

"The defense was not that big, so it's good to finally get a game where we're holding an opponent at a not too high 3-point rate," Thompson said. "It felt really good, I will not lie."

• Game of the day: Warriors vs. Bucks re-broadcasts NBA TV at 5 am. ET

Cruelty meets fearlessness

Russell Westbrook sneaked with the bulls. And then the rookie Wendell Carter Jr. introduced himself, denying Westbrook's experimental poster on the brink.

"I just hope I get this," Carter Jr. told reporters after the game. "Because it could be really, really bad if I did not get that.

The block was a milestone in Bulls' return in the fourth quarter. Laury Markenen filed a lay-out at the end of the season, while the bulls beat Thunder 114-112 for his first win under coach Jim Boin.

Westbrook finished another huge triple double (24 points, 17 rebounds and 13 assists) after the Thunder dropped their first game for a team below .500.

The embroider is disappointed with the role

After three consecutive games in which he averaged 13.7 points in 33.3% shooting, Sheers Joel Embid won the night against Pistons.

What's behind Embiid's mini-crash? Obviously, Embid is not entirely set to play with Jimmy Butler.

Here's what Embid said to Keith Pompei of

"I have not been myself myself lately," Embid said. – I think this is mainly due to the way I have been used, namely that it is used as a divider, I suppose, [is why] I'm just shooting [29] percentage "of three points.

"But it looks like the last few games, as with the way we play our setup, [Brown] I always start from the perimeter … and it really disappoints me. My body feels great and I just do not play well. "

Emby admitted that he and Butler are still learning how to play together better but are worried about his latest production and wants to help the team succeed.

The six are nine-thirds of Butler's trade, including Victory Friday night 117-111, in which Butler broke out for 38 points, six rebounds, six assists, and three thefts.

The Night of Adebayo's Career

With Hassan Whiteside in Miami, waiting for the birth of his first child, Bam Adebayo did the best of a rare start at "Heat's 115-98 victory over the Phoenix Sun.

Adebayo surpassed his previous career by 19 points in the second quarter and ended with 22 points and 10 rebounds in 32 minutes.

Most of Adebayo's points appeared on vicious souls, including this athletic alley of Richmond Holmes.

Vintage Parker

Now in his 18th NBA season, Tony Parker hardly missed a step.

Struggling down the yard with the head of the steam in a quick pause, Parker paused for a moment, planting his right foot, then rotate 360 ​​degrees to avoid a defender and score a shot across the edge.

"I have seen this move so many times," says teammate Nicu Batum, who also plays with Parker in the French national team. "I laughed when he did, and I said," I was waiting for that move. "They changed the rule in Europe because of this movement, and now they call it to travel there.

Parker finished 19 points from the bench to help Hornets defeat the 113-107 Nuggets, kicking the seven winning streaks of Denver.

The Statue of the Night

Russell Westbrook recorded his fourth career with a triple double and 10 turn. According to Elias Sport Bureau, this is the most such games since the individual revolutions became official statistics in 1977-78. James Harden is the only other player to post a couple of triple pairs with 10 turnovers.

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