Thursday , July 29 2021

For the last night: Williams takes control

Clippers have scratched and kicked off all season and were not going to give up because they were 3: 1 to the ruling Warrior.

Lu Williams left the bench for 33 points and led Clippers through the Golden State with an excitement of points in the last four minutes. Victory 129-121 at the Warlords home yard shadowed a star game by Kevin Durant, who finished 45 points in the playoff career.

But on Wednesday night they belonged to Williams, Montrez Harrell, Danilo Galinari and Patrick Beverly, who extended the first round of Game 6 on Friday.

Clippers led the bulk of the game, but the wars made a run at the end of the fourth and took the lead 118-117 with 2:40, left to drive and dipped by Durant. Williams then blurred nine points, including this jumping jump at 1:29, which placed Clippers with seven, 125-118.

The rest of the way passed as the warriors capitulated in the last 30 seconds.

Harell also contributes to Clippers' long time, dominating dunk-after-dunk painting and ending with 24 points.

Here's a few examples:

Beverly won 14 rebounds, took charge for the keys late and finished 17 points.

"He came out with more energy and that made a ton," said Warriors coach Steve Kerr, noting that Beverly struggled for three early offensive struggles.

Galinari added 26 points and seven rebounds.

Durant's shooting – he was 14-for-26 with five 3-point and 12-on-12 lines – kept the Wars at a striking distance.

This heavily challenged 3-arrow, which led to a four-point game, shows his shooting.

Climb the play list

Durant handed John Hawlceck to number 12 on the playoff list of all time, moving along 3,766 points from Havlicek at the end of the first quarter.

Durant, who entered 21 in the first half, spent with his second 3-point Hawljeck with 2:37 in the first quarter. His 45 for the game give him 3,815, and Larry Bird is next on the list with 3,897.

Durant made three 3 points in the first quarter and moved past John Hawlcek to the highest score list.

Elimination of foot 3 – and loss

Jazz had no firepower to overcome missiles, falling 100-93 in game 5 and lost the first round of the 4-1 series.

But they have demonstrated a way to continue driving Kia MVP James Harden somewhat under control – keeping it behind, taking a step back 3 and forcing him to drive and shoot the floats. Despite the start from 0 to 7 of the field, Harden still finished with 26 points. But this is much better than the average for the season on average 36.1 points.

Harden made the float in the fourth quarter, but it protected Ricky Rubio, who was sliding back and allowing him to open.

The jazz forced him to come in and try to protect the rim without any pollution by forcing the two-point arrow instead of a 3-point foul-off and a four-point game.

Harden also missed more than usual in his 10-for-26 night shooting because this unsuccessful immersion attempt shows:

The strategy used by jazz appeared in a limited number of times when Harden went to the line of foul: only five and three. He managed to reach an average of 11 times per game in the regular season and scored 9.7 points from the line. And Harden was not a big factor behind the arc, 3-for-12.

But the jazz did not benefit from the offensive edge by missing out on many open three-dimensional glances. They were terrible 9 out of 38 people, or 23.7%.

Joe Ingles (11 points, 9 assists) and Rubio (17 points, 11 assists) played well, keeping Utah in the game, but the jazz failed to break the bust.

Donovan Mitchell, who was only 4-for-22 and finished 12 points, missed 3 points in the last minute and Chris Paul won the two-roll victory. Mitchell has gone through all nine attempts with 3 points.

Despite the defensive efforts to get rid of a step back 3, Harden finished with a match of 26 matches.

God again?

Andrew Bogut joined the Warriors near the end of the regular season after playing Down Under with Sydney Kings. The big man has played a valuable role with the injury of the cousins ​​of Demarkus cousins. In Australia they are under the impression that they would like to do it again next year.

Status of the night

The rocket had 12 steals and 12 blocks. The last time they had two-digit numbers in both categories was 1995 at Game 5 at the conference finals. They won their first title.

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