Friday , November 27 2020

Former WWE Champion Bray Wyatt makes a surprise return to WWE Starrcade

The WWE Starrcade inside at Cincinnati was a surprise return as a WWE champion and Tag Team Bray Wyatt's double champion.

Wyatt was last seen on WWE TV as part of a tag team with Matt Hardy. They won the Team Raw Tag Championship at the Greatest Royal Rumble but would lose The B-Team's belts for extreme rules.

After his defeat, Hardy took time to cope with injuries, and Wyatt was not seen on WWE TV ever since.

During Starrcade, acting Chief General Manager Baron Corbin came out with an open challenge for everyone in the back to come out and face him.

In response the lights went out, the music hit Wyatt and the lightning came out for the first time in months. Not only does he look great, he has not missed a step by defeating Corbin on his first night.

Check out these fan clips from Wyatt's entrance and his victory over Corbin:

Although Wyatt initially pinned Corbin clean, the current General Director refused to accept it. He ordered the match to restart, this time with a condition for disqualification. Corbin might have hoped to give some advantage, but in fact, the deal ultimately turned out to be in favor of Wyatt. Elias and Finn Balor, who have no love for Corbin, went out to help Wyatt win again.

Corbin's open challenge and Wyatt's return were not advertised for the show, nor was it announced for the special Starrcade to be broadcast on the WWE Network. From now on, it remains to be seen how WWE plans to include Wyatt in the main list once more.

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