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Gabriel Union (America & # 39; s Got Talent) Corrects Simon for GFORCE


Last time GFORCE girl group appeared on Judge "America's Got Talent" Simon Cowell suggested that they begin to control their music more. Well, that's exactly what they did during Tuesday's live episode, so when Simon frowns that he's not a fan of their writing right now, Gabriel Union quickly reminded Simon of his previous advice. "Wait a second, who else remembers that Simon told them that they needed to take more control of their music and that they should write their own songs?" Gabriel said that the audience at the Dolby Theater applauded. Do you think GFORCE will move on to the next round of AGT? Watch the performance video above and make your estimates before Wednesday's results are shown.

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GFORCE came on stage dressed in blue and pink and purple. Their original song included lyrics like "we don't want to be copycats" and "we'll do our own thing", a stark reminder that this group of 10-13 year olds is striving to be as original as possible.

“I can feel the MOLT! I am filled with girl power. " Howie Mandel proclaimed after their rocky performance. As for the other criticisms of the judges, Gabriel shouted that she was "so proud" of the girl group, Julian Howe called his collective talent "so powerful" and Simon delighted that they were "fearless."

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The group of viral girls from Toronto, Canada, has been compared to a younger version of Spice Girls, complete with catchy nicknames: there are Zen G, Boss G, Speedy G, Hype G and OG (as in Over-Ready Girl). "We are all best friends," the talented tikka admitted earlier.

On our live blog "AGT", our dubbing John Benuti I had to say this about the performance: “First, five young GFORCE girls came on stage tonight who have big dreams of becoming the next group of girls in pop music. Like the Spice Girls before them, GFORCE is about the power of girls, a theme they really pushed tonight with the performance of an original song "to do something." and bright stage decor that made the most of them. The judges were high-spirited, but Simon was not a fan of the lyrics and advised them to come together as a band after the show, as in a few years' time they would strive to do so. Fortunately, Gabriel was on top and reminded everyone that Simon also advised them to write their own songs – so BAM! In your face, Simon!

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