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Game Review: The Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen arrives at the Nintendo Switch

Dragon Dogma: Dark Star (NS) – The news of the sequel is a dragon

There is still no trace of the sequel, but the exciting mix of Capcom by Dark Souls and Skyrim can now be played on the go through the Switch.

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We're sure somebody has to watch what game has appeared in most formats over the years, but although we know it's not the Dogma of the Dragon, she feels that way. It was first released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012 and then three years on a PC, and two more on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Now it's on Switch. We can only assume that a version of PlayStation 5 is being prepared as we speak.

The Dog's Dogma is a mix of Dark Souls, Skyriams, and Shadow of Colossus. He takes ideas liberally but carefully, in an attempt to make a hybrid of Western and Japanese actors. Something that largely succeeds while retaining one's own identity.

Although it avoids looking like a clone of any particular game, there are some interesting stories or characters here. The initial lesson includes a medieval knightly style, pursuing a great and surprisingly shaving dragon; the hint is that both he and the knight are just part of an endless cycle, with the proper game's start years later, when the dragon reappears and squeezes the beating heart out of your personalized character.

The fact that you manage to survive this encounter with nothing but an unpleasant scar, everyone calls you as Ariensen – a chosen man who not only faces dragons but can command strange non-landed warriors called "pawns."

Although the Dragon Dogma is strictly a single-player game, you can call up to 3 pawns at your party. The first one you can customize in the same way as your main character, the other two are called either by meeting them in the gaming world or by using magic stones scattered around the scenery to choose their allies.

Since you and your main footman gain experience, and you can be equipped with weapons and equipment alone, the idea is that you can give and sell pawns with other players (something that does not require Nintendo Switch Online). The game constantly checks what other people do with their copied copies, and you and their actions are coming back to each other.

Pawns show an impressive level of artificial intelligence, and depending on whether the pawn is a fighter, a shooter, or a magician, they will deal with enemies and bosses intelligently and without asking. Which is a good job because, despite their importance for the game, you have surprisingly little control over them – just a small set of tactical commands that are not much more than "stop" and "go".

Not only will the peasants fight for you but will also cure you when necessary and even when you just study, they will look for ingredients and hidden objects as well as will remember a place for everyone to whom they can later transfer. Very strange is that the story of the game fails to make sense, but in the conditions of the gameplay is definitely working.

Of course, pawns will not do everything for you, and given the backdrop of the Devil May Cry team, it's not surprising to find a very stable combat system. You start with a little more than a mild and heavy attack, but you can learn extra moves if you are paying for a coach, all of which work with a satisfying sense of weight and strength.

Visually, the game has always been something like a mixed bag, with some impressively large and detailed monsters, but very distracting screen shots. There is a slight delay in manual mode, but the Switch version works perfectly, although this is not a great achievement for such a relatively old game – although sometimes it still looks very attractive.

The Dragon Dogma: Darkness (NS) – the eye, this is a great enemy

During the day, you almost seem to be resting on some peaceful Greek island, but everyone you meet is said that going out at night – or in some of the many dungeons and caves – is near suicide. And when you first start, it's a great tip, though the Dragon Dogma does not go to the far end points of the Dark Souls, it's not afraid to punish the unwary.

But while the Dogma of the Dragon mixes and combines its influences with impressive skill, the world of the game is not as intensely designed as Dark Souls or Skyrim. There is no person and, at least during the day, an atmosphere. And without any memorable characters and inevitable repetitive quests, your interest begins to decline faster than any of his potential colleagues.

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There is a solid foundation in the Dragon Dogma, and we hope that these permanent releases (and the upcoming anime series) will eventually lead to a real sequel, something that can happen to the devil May Cry 5, which the director of Hideaki Itsuno hinted. The flawless original is always the best justification for the sequel, and there is much to be done here.

We always liked the old school betrayal, filled with mythological oddities such as the verbs, the hydra and the hymen, and the pawn system seems mature for expansion – while the addition of some form of cooperative seems impossible. None of the problems of the Dogma of the Dragon can be solved and the best ideas are too good to be lost.

The Dogma of the Dragon: Darkness Occurred

In short: Although it takes so much money from so many different games, Capcom's western style player keeps his own game very many – with lots of interesting ideas.

Professionals: Severe, exciting action with some big meetings with the boss. The pawn system is strange but interesting in its consequences. Customization options are included. Good harbor.

Disadvantages: The world of the game and history have no character. Fights and quests are repeated. Weak dialogue and poor acting.

Result: 7/10

Formats: Nintendo Switch
Price: £ 24.99
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Date of issue: April 23, 2019
Age Rating: 18

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