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Get the answer: Should I exercise in elderly people?

Get the answer: you need to be sporting in the water

Muscular retirees who exercise regularly do not differ from the muscles of young people.

To such conclusions, experts from the State University Ball after examining 28 people over the age of 70, who regularly practiced since the 1970s, reported Daily Mail.

Get the answer: you need to be sporting in the water

According to doctors, older people who regularly exercise physical activity are "younger" for 30 years. It should be noted that the participants in the study are not athletes.

It should also be noted that all volunteers were engaged in regular workouts and light exercises. Moreover, according to the subjects, their training was considered a normal hobby.

Researchers have found that 28 people have maintained this level of activity for fifty years.

For the purity of the experiment, doctors created two more groups, including twenty volunteers and retirees leading to a sedentary lifestyle, over seventy.

Researchers analyze the aerobic capacity of the participants and measure the number of capillaries and enzymes in the muscles, high levels of which show the health of the muscles.

Interestingly, the muscles of people who are regularly engaged in training do not differ from 20-year-old muscles: more capillaries and enzymes, which means that they effectively deal with the physical effects of old age.

Get the answer: you need to be sporting in the water

In fact, the only difference between the two active groups – young and old – is slightly reduced aerobic capacity. However, active retirees, the figure is 40% higher.

Moreover, when physicians compare data to national averages over the years, active adult cardiovascular systems are much better.

The results show that physical activity prolongs the youthfulness of body muscles and helps prevent premature death.

Get the answer: you need to be sporting in the water

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