Tuesday , January 19 2021

Get your flu shot, or wear a mask when visiting patients, says a health authority

If you have not received the flu shot yet this year, you will need to make a mask when you visit Squamish General Hospital or Hilltop House.

In fact, visitors to all Vancouver Coastal Health Facilities (VCH) are asked to wear a surgical mask if they have not received their annual flu.

This move is part of the provincial government's strategy to prevent the spread of influenza and protect vulnerable patients from potentially fatal infection, the VCH media reported.

"Flu can be devastating to our patients because many of them have chronic health problems, including a weakened immune system, and are more susceptible to serious illness," said Dr. Meena Dawar, a medical physician at VCH. "The best way to protect your loved ones in the hospital is to get flu, even if you are usually a healthy individual." The shot will not only protect you from flu but also from people around you.

The policy will be in place until the end of the flu season, usually end of March.

Influenza photos for visitors are free of charge from a family doctor, walk clinics, or local pharmacies.

For those who give up the launch, surgical masks are offered at the nursing station or outpatient reception.

For more information on influenza launching – including where to find another and how to get it for free – visit www.vch.ca/public-health/communicable-diseases-immunizations/flu-shots-flu-clinics.

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