Monday , August 2 2021

Ghosn is released on bail but has broken contact with his wife News

Former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn is released from Tokyo detention, released on bail of $ 4.5 million, while awaiting trial on charges of financial misconduct.

A Japanese court upheld the decision to release the 65-year-old French-Brazilian businessman on bail, and Ghosn, who was wearing a suit and surrounded by guards, was spotted out of the glass doors of Tokyo Prison late on Thursday. ,

Ghosn was charged with a new charge of a breach of trust on Monday. The court approved his release earlier Thursday and said he then paid the sum on bail. The indictment extended his term of detention to the detention center and urged his team to demand his release on bail.

The court's decision to release Ghosn on bail is "extremely unfortunate," according to Tokyo Shin Kukimoto's deputy chief prosecutor.

The court has laid down conditions for Goshen's release, including restrictions on where he can live in Japan, a ban on travel abroad, and measures to prevent him from escaping and intervening with evidence.

As one of the conditions for collateral, the court also banned contacts between Ghosn and his wife, Kyodo reports, citing one of his lawyers.

After her husband's final arrest on April 4, she went to Paris to turn to the French government for help in securing Goshen's freedom while he expects the court and was questioned by the authorities after returning to Tokyo.

Gos criticized this condition in a statement later published in Paris on Thursday, expressing gratitude for his release, and insisted that the allegations against him were "unfounded and unjustified".

"No one should be kept indefinitely in solitude to be forced to confess," Ghosn says.

"But limiting every communication with my wife is outrage and we are punished because it is so effective in my public defense.

The latest charge relates to payments allegedly directed to Gos personal use from a Nissan subsidiary to a distributor in Oman. These payments made the car manufacturer to withstand a loss of $ 5 million.

French automaker Renault, which Goshenc headed in January, said it also reported "potential payment problems to one of Renault's distributors in the Middle East."

Gosn was arrested for the fourth time in early April, a month after his release from the detention center, when he pledged nearly $ 9 million on bail, ending arrest for more than 100 days.

Gosn was arrested for the first time in November, and has been accused since then of violating the trust and forgery of financial documents to account for his earnings for years. He repeatedly denies the allegations.

Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors fired Goshen as president after his arrest in November. He retired as Renault's chairman and CEO in January after the previous application was rejected.

In a video recorded shortly before his arrest, Ghosn accuses the accusations of what he calls "conspiracy" and "dirty play" by some Nissan leaders.

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