Sunday , January 24 2021

Google Book Vacation Deals: $ 100 + Pixel 3, Start Center for $ 139

Following the profound Black Friday concessions that led to equally deep disappointment among the first adopters, Google Store continues its offerings to rest on the Pixel 3, Home Hub and Nest smart home packages. These Google 2018 product deals are launching today, some of them ending on Christmas Eve.

Pixel 3 sees a $ 100 discount and Pixel 3 XL is $ 150 until December 22. Both offers are less than US $ 50. from Black Friday's Blitz at Google Store, but still remarkable discounts that bring 64GB Pixel 3 to $ 699, and its big brothers and sisters – up to $ 749. These are probably the latest deals from Google on their 2018 flagship vessels for the holidays.

At the same time, you see a discount on the Google homepage that starts with the Start Center. A $ 20 deal calibrates the Smart Home Display to $ 139. Although not as generous as the previous 99 dollar bid, the integration of Smart Display with Assistant and Google Photos as a Photo Frame is still worth every penny.

At the same time, the usual Google Home is $ 99, and the Home Max premium sees a $ 50 rebate up to $ 349 on Christmas Eve. On the smart TV front, the Chromecast Ultra reduces $ 10 to $ 59 for 4K Streaming and Cast.

On the intelligent home front, Google pushes Home Hub packages with each Nest security camera and thermostat, including the affordable thermostat E. Buying both products, the former employee works as a control panel thanks to Home View, it will reduce the $ 100 rebate. line. These deals also end on December 24th.

  • Inner Hub + Nest Camera
  • Home Hub + Nest External Camera
  • Hub + Nest IQ internal camera
  • Home Hub + Nest IQ External Camera
  • Home Hub + Learning Thermostat
  • Home Hub + Thermostat E
  • Home Hub + Nest Hello

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