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Gray Cup 2018 organizers confident that the Edmonton Festival meets economic expectations: "These numbers are there"

Their faces tell their story about their week.

On Monday morning, thousands of tired football fans shuffled through the security gates at Edmonton International Airport. Numerous detained coffees and calm tired smiles.

The game of the Gray Cup on Sunday was a limited week, according to which the Canadian Football League commissioner "could potentially be recorded as the biggest gray bowl in history."

Randy Ambrosi added that the game "definitely puts a new watermark."

The Executive Director of the Gray Cup Festival "2018" liked to hear the Ambrosia rating. In the morning after the big game Duane Vineo said: "We are extremely happy with everything."

"The comments we receive everywhere – from people across the country – are simple, wow."

The organizers initially expected the gray bowl to attract 30,000 people to Edmonton. About 500,000 people are expected to join the Gray Cup Festival, and the whole week is estimated at 80 to 100 million dollars for the economy of Edmonton.

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Watch below: Some videos from the coverage of the Global News of the Gray Cup Festival in 2018.

Perhaps it will take a month to conduct an official economic impact assessment to see if these predictions are true, but Vineone thinks they will.

"The main drivers we have seen so far show that these numbers are there."

Vineo said almost every event was sold. The suite suites and concerts were blocked.

On Saturday night, Vinnie said the organizers were concerned that they could make too many people at parties at the Shaw Conference Center.

"We insisted on building capacity and not capacity for the premises. The building was generally in a situation where you could not move.

Outside the Shaw Conference Center there were more signs of a popular festival. There was no lull on the zipper line, taking fans over the valley of the river. A pipe on Jasper Avenue routinely saw a half-hour line. The massive tent, which houses the tourist family fun area, is sometimes filled and families have to wait for people to leave before they get in.

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Observations of the presence and commendation of the CFL commissioner make Vineo that next year in Calgary will be another great party.

"I think every year you will see host cities going to the next level, so we are glad we can pass it a bit and expect to see what's going on."

The New Gray Cup financial plans, which came into force this year, mean that there is a new impetus for big parties. In the previous years, the host team scored all the revenues from the festival. Now they receive a percentage of the money generated, but the money is shared by all CFL teams.

There is less incentive to keep costs down to maximize profit. The whole league is more likely to work together, which is good for the game.

"In principle, to become bigger and better and bigger and better to achieve this, economic benefits begin to go back to the host community and the league, but just in everything," Vineo said.

Of course, the tired fans who headed home on Monday had a lot of praise for their time in Edmonton.

"I think cities are starting to take up with them every year," said Hamilton Tiger-Cots fans Brad Inglis. "As they said last night, they set the bar high enough.

Aaron Bermfield went to Vancouver on Monday.

"[This was my] for the first time in Edmonton, "he said before leaving. – Large host city. Large congress center. They did a great show. "

Both fans said they would be in Calgary next year.

Currently, the crews clear everything from the Jasper Street venue. Work is expected to last until Tuesday.

The organizers are hoping the roads will re-open on Wednesday.

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