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Haley Baldwin of what she collects in her and in the house of Justin Bieber

"I'm not superstitious," says Hali Baldwin Bieber behind Zadig & Voltaire. We talk about slipping on the track and she hit twice – once on the wooden table in front of us, the second time on the floor – to distract the bad luck. "I do nt believe this. But, you know, "she smiled," in any case.

Of course, Mrs. Bieber seems lucky. She used her disciplined ballet training and the Hollywood background to become a model tycoon, an internet superstar and, of course, a husband of a superstar. (She was legally married to Justin Bieber last summer, a bigger wedding would happen sooner and include a "white" wedding dress with a nuclear code license.)

Haley Bieber

Hailey Bieber in costume and sweater of Zadig & Voltaire. Photo by Taylor Joe. Hair from Jen Atkin. Shaped by Maeve Riley.

Tyler Joe

Mrs. Bieber is not in Zadig and Voltaire is looking for a wedding dress, but she does look at the brand's rock-n rolls. "I think there's always more rock-roll for French girls," says the 22-year-old, and that's a kind of relief even she falls into the lure of fashion girls in Paris. "Look at Zadig, look at Saint Laurent – it's more rough, it's not dirty. It's like rocker chic, but it's done so well with such great fabrics and cuts. So, although the grunge element is there, it is polished. This is more chic, "she laughs with her fingers quoting. – Although it's accidental. You know what I mean!"

Indeed – though the "easy" suit he wore for the show was less casual and ready for the track, or at least for the first glance. "I have not seen too many fashion shows to be honest," she says. – But I do not mind. There is road less anxiety and pressure when you do not walk, but I almost get a second hand when I watch a fashion show because I watch the girls who are down the track and I know exactly how they feel. Unless you are a very much-experienced veterinarian, this is a very nervous experience. But that is not the track. The hard part is when you're behind the stage waiting to get off the track. The minute just before. You are in the composition along with all the other models and just like it expectation to travel and fall! Fortunately, "she barks on the tree," it has not happened yet.

Beers in London last September

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I tell her that I often stumbled on the shoes in my own house. Is this a problem? Is cleaning the Beer Kondo in the future? "I do not know," she smiled, and her expression said, there is no way for this to happen. – Here's what I need to do: I have to get clothes a very, because of mine [modeling] I work, and I feel I'm under control. I can not get rid of the trinkets. I'm the worst. Come and there is a thousand [electronic] cables coming from the container. I have one million chargers I'm sure are useless, but I like 'No! Do not get rid of them! "Because you never know."

As a star of Instagram and a modern American woman, Mrs. Bieber is fully justified in the charging of chargers. But it does not just use its phone to update 17.4 million followers. (This is more people from Georgia – the state or She also pulls it off when I ask the famous religious celebrity for her favorite writing.

"This is Jeremiah 29:11," she confirms after a quick blow. "In this verse, God says," Because I know that I have plans for you, plans for hope and a future for you, plans to prosper and not to hurt you. "I think it's hope to look into my life, now that the best is ahead."

Tap on a tree.

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