Sunday , May 16 2021

Halsey protects Ariane Grand from the grieving men in the best way

Hoping for the not so good opinions of Ariane Grande's grief and how does that look? Feel free to leave these feelings at the door. Ariana Grand and Twitter's last exchange on Halsey, as reported by billboard on Sunday morning, on November 25, they closed the grand jokes of the Grand with a series of messages aimed at those social media users who post rough comments on the internet. Grand writes, "Some of those I read here make me sick of my stomach," given the latest event on Saturdays and Sundays, which reveals some seriously unfair messages – opening the first of several Saturday night.

Fans who have stayed with the social media activity "Thanks to the next" singer last week may remember that Grand shares an old picture with Michael Miller in his instrament story on Thursday in honor of Thanksgiving. "You have not missed it," she said, pointing to Miller's unexpected death in September last year at the age of 26. Grandma and Miller date back about two years before their friendly breakdown in May, so the fact that she was thinking about it during the holidays – and wanted to share these thoughts with her famous close friend she was following – was supposed to be more than understandable.

Unfortunately, it seems that Thursday's heartbeat is met with much more disrespect for some social media users. So, in the second half of The first conversation of Grand with a tweet On Saturday night, she expressed strong and clear feelings (though as polite as possible, especially given the circumstances):

"It scares me of the way some people think and I do not like this world a long time, if only we could be more compassionate and gentle with each other, that would be sick."

Now, when it comes to internet trolls and how to deal with them, it is certainly no secret that Grand can and does, takes care of itself. (Go to almost any of them the social media accounts of the singer, especially in recent months, to confirm the evidence.) But even if you have a friend to support you – maybe even confront some of these virtual papers on your behalf – it's almost always useful. Fortunately, in this case, it looks like Halsey is just a sip of work. Greeting message, and adding his own equivalent message, Halsey writes:

"Aries, the world could only dream of being compassionate and loving to you, and since Ur is, as always, so elegant and nice, let me share them with them to tell them to close the futures."

Grande answers to the message of Halsey not so long after that. "I love you a lot," she writes back, seemingly turning to her girlfriend and the other pop star directly in the rhythm. Perhaps this was Halsey's support (along with the support of other, less annoying Internet users) that encouraged Grand to share a second message with your Twitter after late Saturday night.

Obviously, he was dealing with the ridiculous trolling effort that began over the last few days, Grand finished the evening blogs with thoughts of sorrow and emotional processing that everyone should read. She writes, "Everything I feel is valid and safe," and then added:

"everything I do is true and honest, there is no right or wrong during this period."

So take it from Grand, Halsey or anyone else: If someone is dealing with something so hard and profoundly personal, like loss, it's probably best to keep your opinions about your emotional process toward yourself. As Grand said, there is no right or wrong way to do so. As to how to support her during this time? Obviously, there is no exact plan for this, although Halsey's recent efforts are a good example.

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