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Hamilton gangster Pat Musitano shot in Mississaga, Ontario.

Hamilton's famous gauntlet Pat Musitano was shot.

The incident happened in Mississauga on Thursday morning.

Peel Regional Police said on Twitter that the police were summoned in Hurontario and Matheson Boulevard East at 7:03 pm For reports of a man with gunshot wounds.

He is pressed into a trauma center, police said. The degree of his disability was not clear.

Peeil's police do not confirm the identity of the man, but Shahid Malik, a lawyer who shares the office where shooting took place, said Musitano was there to meet his lawyer, Joseph Irving.

"I hope Mr. Musitano is fine," Malik told CBC News. "This is very worrying, very upsetting, very nervous."

Peel's police said at a press conference that the victim had been shot several times outside his car. Suddenly parked in front of the Malik's Jeep, he was pulled out of the scene on Thursday morning. The police would not say why he was there.

Malic would not say what Musitano and Irving met, referring to the "Attorney / Client privilege." The person who answered the phone at Irving's office closed the reporter. Subsequent calls went to voicemail.

Malik also said he had provided security cameras to the police.

Organized crime violence has increased in Hamilton and South Ontario in recent years.

Musitano's brother, Angelo, was shot on the street of his Waterford, Ontario on 2 May 2017.

A man from Hamilton faces murder in connection with his death. Two other suspects are wanted for pan-European orders, but the police believe they may have fled to Mexico.

Yesterday, a jeep was pulled on Thursday morning. (Yanjun Li / CBC)

Weeks after the assassination of Angelo Musitano, Pat Musitano's home on Hammerton's St. Clair Boulevard was also shot.

The neighbors traveled their dogs across the house on Thursday morning. Numerous security lights surround the front porch.

At one point, a man in a gray jeep came up to the house, looked at him, and walked to reporters standing on the other side of the street.

"He got out," he cried. "Do not you think they've gone enough?" I ask you a question, do not you think this family has gone through enough?

Musitano of Uncle Tony died last week for natural reasons. His funeral was held yesterday in the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King in Hamilton.

Bullet holes can be seen in one of the front windows of Musitano's home when he was shot in 2017. (Adam Carter / CBC)

Antonio Niquaso, a mafia expert who teaches organized crime at Queens University, told CBC News that he was not at all shocked at knowing that Musitano was shot dead.

"Everyone thought he was the subject of revenge after his brother's murder and the shooting in front of his house," he said.

It seemed that Musitano lived in Mississauga, Nicasso said. "He was trying to hide. It moved from one place to another.

The list of people who may want revenge against Musitanos is probably long. The family has been linked to convictions for bombing and extortion in the 1970s, as well as the murder of Mafia Domenic Racco in the 1980s and the killing of the Papal Johnny Pops and one of his lieutenants CarmenBarillaro, in 1997

The police are still holding the scene in Mississauga on Thursday morning. (Yanjun Li / CBC)

The brothers reached an agreement and prayed for a conspiracy to commit murder at the death of Barrylor. In turn, the charges against them in connection with the death of Papalia were rejected. They have been sentenced to 10 years in prison, but they came out in 2007 and have made little noise since the bullets started flying again.

The Musitans have ever been protected from allegiance to the famous Ritzouto crime group based in Montreal.

In 2013, the death of the famous Mafia chief Vito Rizutu created a vacuum in the power of the organization, and now the warring factions weakened once the strong Montreal mafia. This left Musitano to take care of himself.

"There is a very critical balance," said Nicholas. "This is a very unstable state, like Pandora's box. Everything can happen.

– You can feel in the air that something is coming.

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