Wednesday , June 16 2021

Heavy winter time on the road this weekend for much of Saskatchewan, Canada Environment says

Environment Canada has issued several meteorological signals in most of Saskatchewan, including the entire southern part of the province, saying that "awful winter time" is on its way this weekend.

Special weather forecasts are available for most of central and southern Saskatchewan on Saturday. Extreme cold warnings for northern Saskatchewan were lifted just before 10:30 CST, although temperatures in the range of -30 are still predicted for much of the northern part.

"It will be quite a change that happens over the next few hours and will affect different parts of the province in different ways," said Chris Stamers, a Canada environmental meteorologist.

This change may include wild temperature fluctuations, mixed rainfall – including snow and rain spots – and strong winds that begin on Saturday night and on Sunday, the agency said.

Because conditions can change quickly, people are encouraged to check the Canadian Environment website for the latest weather warnings.

Environment Canada claims that the intensive low pressure system currently over the Pacific Ocean is expected to reach Saskatchewan on Saturday night.

The system leads to mild temperatures that will exceed seasonal norms.

The warning says it can develop a "sharp line of mixed rainfall" between Meadow Lake and Regina, which includes a mixture of snow, rain and ice rain.

A strong front

Environment Canada expects the fast-moving system to enter the northwest of Saskatchewan until Sunday morning, saying the north and east belts of the grain can see 10 centimeters or more of snow.

"The actual trace of the system is still highly variable and the exact location of the worst snowfall is yet to be determined," says the special time.

The low pressure system will be accompanied by a "vigorous" cold front that will pass through the southern Saskatchewan, beginning on Sunday afternoon, according to the environment of Canada.

It is expected that the front will include strong winds with gusts of 70 km / h and higher, falling temperatures, snow and heavy snow.

The southwest of Saskatchewan saw wind gusts of 90 km / h or higher.

Different temperatures in the province

Stammers says there are "very crazy temperature differences in prairies, and it will really feed this low-pressure system that will move."

"The Northern Areas will definitely not see the gravity of this system, but they will certainly see snow with it."

A winter storm warning was also issued after 10:30 CST for Île à la Crosse, Beauval, Buffalo Narrows and Peter Pond Lake. Dangerous conditions are expected, says Canada's Environment, as the developing low-pressure system causes frost and heavy snow in this northwest region on Saturday to Sunday.

Saskatoon prepares for snow, a strong wind

The city of Saskatoon has issued a consultation saying that the city is preparing for snow and a strong wind.

"Sanders apply pre-wet sand and salt to pull before time and will come out in full force with plows that will keep the roundabout and other priority streets during the snowfall," the city said.

It says that city plows and graders will be backed by additional equipment if necessary to clear all priority streets as soon as possible.

The city reminds drivers to watch for the blinking blue lights of winter maintenance equipment and leave room for safe cleaning.

It also tells people to slow down the traffic and use extra caution while driving in winter conditions.

Saskatoon leaders can report ice or snowy areas at the 24-hour customer service center at 306-975-2476.

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