Wednesday , January 20 2021

Hellebuyck's soothing game gives Jets a chance to wake up

WINNIPEG – The paper looks like true beauty, the type of game a coach would use to direct the team's incredible depth, as seven players scored, their goals were five to five, and strength and even inadequate staffing.

But the statistical sheet had to be misleading on Sunday afternoon at Winnipeg.

As Defender Tyler Myers put it, just minutes after Winnipeg Jet won a 7-1 victory over the visiting Philadelphia Flyers: "Honestly, that was quite ugly from our band."

It was also Myers who pointed to the first period. That's why, in a game where seven different results were gathered, when you think it would be an offensive fire, that would be the conversation about the dressing room instead of Winnipeg's 25-year-old goalkeeper, Connor Helbubik – and fair.

"You know, it was an afternoon game, you gotta get your feet under you and obviously it was not the first thing we wanted," said Mark Scheffle, who had three assists in winning efforts after 2pm. pause pause. "But Helly did a lot of big savings to keep us in it.

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That was the message again and again from Jets on Sunday: Helly – (or Bucky, depending on which teammate wanted you) – came a huge early and he set the table for his team to break off insultingly in the second and third.

Although at the end of the first was Winnipeg 2-1, Jets had no business to lead this game. The flags were everywhere at Winnipeg and had six shots on an early runway, including three in a quick sequence, all of which were chances for "A". Hellebike made a great rescue with his right pad – you heard the bell on the peak up the altitude at Bell MTS Place – and he stole Wayne Simmonds nearby and sprawled over to close James van Rimszik on the doorstep, too.

"When they hit, Helly made some big savings," Josh defender Josh Morrissey said before correcting: "There are actually huge savings and they keep us right there. "

Winner Paul Maurice's main coach was added: "I mean, I do not know if you can count on the five goals you would have in a power game … He was really good."

Hellebuyck is a fan of afternoon games and says something about the early start "looks like me." It seems he was the only jet that felt that way. But after the others woke up, Jets could not stop recording the score.

Winnipeg received goals from Kyle Connor (he turned 22 hours today), Morrissey (he returned after two games on the shelf), Brandon Tanev (fifth of the season), Dustin Buffylien (he has a 10-minute scam offense) Blake Little (Brian Little), Brian Little (sixth of the season) and Myers (a nice Patrick Linen crayon, who had two assistants on Sunday who almost did not double their total assistant this season, now there are five).

Obviously, the goal-keeper's game was not a bright spot for the flyers. And in Winnipeg, the visitor's bench is so small that the goalkeeper should sit in a small box near the television cameras across the ice against the players' bench. So when Flyers' lead Michael Newvwirt was removed after allowing the three goals to 10 shots, he had to spend the rest of the match only in that distant seat while staring at Anthony Stolartz who did not appear much better in the network. It could not have been fun.

Jets, on the other hand, move upward between the pipes. Helllebike has only scored one goal in each of its last three matches and Maurice says "looks the way we're used to seeing." In other words, rather like the last year's Vesina's candidacy, start this season, but who now sports .910 record the percentage.

Helbeuk says he feels much more comfortable in the folds these days.

"I think I caught him too little and tried to do too much with him instead of letting the game come to me," he said earlier this season. "I was trying to do more and tried to do it when I really had to relax and read the game."

Although he called for some of his savings "lucky" on Sunday, Hellebuyck noticed that his play helped turn the tide for Jets.

"Every time you get a great early rescue, you can use it as momentum," he said. "I think the team used it well."

They really did, even if the 7: 1 victory was a bit ugly.

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