Friday , May 7 2021

Here's another unofficial look at the forthcoming Pixel 3 Lite

Over the last month, we've heard a lot of rumors about the potential launch of the Pixel 3 Lite – a cheaper and less powerful version of Google's leading phone – and now another image is supposed to be on the Web that is supposed to have the average Ranger .

Posted in Twitter by a Russian blogger @jc_ru, the module claims to show the new Pixel 3 Lite on the left and the existing Pixel 3 on the right. The assumed mid-range phone has a slightly larger 5.56-inch display, using a slightly higher screen ratio of 18.5: 9, and Pixel 3 has no trace.

While the Pixel 3 Lite is using a slower processor than the other Pixel 3 phones – the Snapdragon 670 has been announced – is also inclined to use the same 12.2MP rear camera so you should be able to get some fantastic pictures of it.

In fact, some test pictures have already expired, showing the Pixel 3 Lite shooting capabilities. However, the phone will not receive a dual-lens camera, according to reports, which means there will be no group photos of this model.

All Pixel 3 Lite leaks have so far come from Russia, which corresponds to many of the leaks we saw in Pixel 3 and the release of the Pixel 3 XL. If Google wants to tighten up rumors and leaks before Pixel 4 hardware comes next year, then Russian operations may be a good starting point.

There is still nothing official from Google, but we can not confirm that it is a real device – or, if so, where it will be on sale, but given that mid-pixel phone rumors have long been roaming , a map may be released in the near future.

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