Thursday , January 28 2021

Here's what the wind of Mars sounds like – BGR

One of the best things about NASA's new InSight landing recently arrived on Mars is that it will be able to listen carefully to the sounds generated deep underground. It has the potential to teach us a lot about how Mars works. Previously, NASA must prepare the robot to begin using its powerful tools. and in this way the Jet Engine actually shot the sounds of wind blowing Mars's dusty surface.

The new JPL explains that the InSight on-board sensor begins to detect vibrations. The team eventually decided that the vibrations were the result of wind blowing the array on the robot's solar panel and making them shake. NASA records the vibrations and now you can listen to them yourself.

As the video explains, the sound of the sound is extremely low and can barely be heard unless you have a headset and the volume is distorted. A filter that raises the volume with two octaves makes it easier to hear.

The result is a recording that sounds a bit like what you will hear if you lift your hands through your ears in a strong wind.

But NASA did not stop. A separate instrument that measures the air pressure records the same gusts and sends them to Earth. The video also includes this recording, speeding and filtering so it's easier to hear it.

It's good to hear wind from another planet even if it sounds like the wind here on Earth. It's also a great demonstration of InSight's capabilities and a demonstration of how powerful and sensitive its tools are. In the near future, JPL will command the robot to place its sensors on the ground around its base and this will happen when the real fun begins.

Image source: NASA

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