Tuesday , June 15 2021

Historic Enoch selling house, destroyed by fire

Historic Enoch Shopping House in Victoria Park Calgary burst into flames on Saturday.

Fire crews were called around 7 am, when flames and heavy smoke spilled from the building.

"They came up with a fire on arrival and a second alarm came out shortly after," Captain Paul Frederick said. "Because of the extreme temperatures, extra devices were called to make sure we had enough to rotate the crews."

The outside temperature at that time was around -17 ° C.

Firefighters did not enter the building because of its abandoned condition, Frederick said.

The Enoch House of Commerce is one of the last homes of the First World War to be parked in Victoria. (Archives of Glenbeau Museum)

There are no reports of injuries.

Coun. Evan Woolley, who advocated preserving the building for several years, called the monumental loss.

"This is the last Victorian mansion … in the neighborhood, there was a significant heritage value, and it's disappointing to see the loss of this building," he said.

Built in 1904 by Enoch Samuel Sales, the house is now owned by the municipal agricultural land corporation in Calgary and has been closed for several years.

"In 2015, the CMLC carried out a thorough assessment of the house to investigate the opportunities and related costs of rehabilitation of the house and move to Enoch Park.

"Since the acquisition of the house by the CMLC in April 2017, annual structural assessments have been undertaken to determine the overall condition of the building and to take temporary measures to ensure the safety and integrity of the building.

"These estimates were completed in February 2017 and July 2018.

"While approvals and funding have not yet been put in place to determine long-term plans for Enoch's sales house, CMLC is committed to ensuring the integrity of the building over the past two years."

Wowley said he would ask the administrators at the board meeting on Monday why the plans for the house have not yet been finalized.

"I know that efforts have been made and recommendations have been made by the CMLC to the board to save the building and as far as I know, these recommendations have not been accepted," he said. "We'll look for what exactly happened.

The Big Yellow House on the 12th Avenue near McLeod Trail. is one of the last homes of the First World War in the area.

Queen Anne's "Free Classic" Renaissance Style

Sales is the owner of the clothing sales company and lives in the house until he died in 1930 at the age of 71.

"This is a two-story, square, wooden structure lined with a sloping wooden cladding, with a convex two-storey central veranda and a steep roof with a lid and lower crossed fronds by Josh Traptoe, Calgary's Heritage Authority Executive.

"The Residences for Sale is the only surviving example of the substantial and stylish homes built in the earliest years of Victoria Park for management and commercial classes.

"This is a period when Victoria Park evolved as a prestigious and desirable residential neighborhood at the end of the nineteenth century and the earliest years of the twentieth century before the transition of the region to the working class community.

The home is an early, rare and innocuous example of Queen Anna's "Free Classics" style in Calgary.

There is no word yet about the cause of the fire.

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