Saturday , June 12 2021

Home flames: Rachel keeps Calgary glowing

Evidence has long been convincing of who won Calgary's swap with Carolina last summer.

But if there was any doubt, it was wiped out on Sunday afternoon in Carolina, where all three flares spun by Canes marked their initial return to Raleigh with goals in 4-3 wins.

These Flames certainly have a sense of dramatic.

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No, Derek Ryan was not part of the five players who saw Noah Hannifin and Elias Lindholm north to Dagi Hamilton, Michael Ferland and Adam Fox.

But the former Caine, who signed up as a free agent in Calgary, did well to make sure he was not skipped by the narrative, beautified, and then created a naked short goal by Garnet Hathaway.

That was Hathaway's second goal in so many games, giving them the 16th consecutive match, four more than any other in the league (and seven out of the franchise record).

Ryan's second period was overshadowed only by Lindholm's first goal, and Haninfin's eventual winner with seven minutes in the third.

Making the plot even more sexy is the fact that Hamilton scored for his second straight run for 12 days against the Flames.

Two days earlier with the taste of his own medicine in Washington with a loss at the last minute, the Flames finished their first roadie after the break in the middle of the split season.

It ensures that the flames avoid losing consistent games in regulation – something they have not done since mid-November.

The flames are on the 12-2-2 series, which makes them sit six points up the lead sharks of the division and three Winnipeg Jets for the lead of the conference.

More gaming establishments that put the flames on a huge 20 games over .500:


Bill Peters surprised anyone by turning to David Ratich after yesterday was Mike Smith.

Ratich was once again spectacular, especially at the beginning of a fast-paced game he controlled, although the flames were thrown into the first line.

Giant Williams's huge saving of the first period has shown his ability to save a few others in the league as part of the 34-saving efforts that have become the norm for the second-year-old.

His record is now 20-4-4, which makes him top ten in NHL for winnings, goals against average and saves a percentage.

At home he still has not lost a single match in the regulation this season, but on the way he is particularly productive, releasing 11-4, 0.942 rescue and 1.86 goals against average.

If this continues, people will be forced to include it in discussions about the league's most dominant goalkeepers.


Travis Hammonik suffered lower body trauma on Friday and flew MRI on Saturday, the results of which will not be revealed until Tuesday when boys resume their practice.

Rinat Valyev was summoned from the farm just to watch the press when Dalton Prout entered as the sixth blue liner of the team with Oliver Killington.

All that meant Rasmus Andersson would play the second pairing with Hanifin, releasing brilliantly in more than 22 minutes of action, seeing little of everything, including power play and time of punishment.

He also helped Ryan's goal and had six blocked shots.

Favored by his admirers from the training camp, Anderson gives Flames a hint of the depth needed in the playoffs when the war of exhaustion will require more effort than these.

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Peters Toast of the City

It is not to lose the fact that the head of Fleming Peters managed to return successfully to the city where he trained the canes for four years before resigning last summer to sign with Calgary.

He was a smile after the game.

"What a great day yesterday – I had to go to my house and see my daughter," said Peters, whose daughter stayed in Carolina to attend college.

"I finished my house and found a bottle of Kaimus in the wine-fridge and brought this home to give my wife.

– I went out and got all the good things out of there. Cheap, vinegar, I left in the fridge.

Originally from Three Hills, Alta. it is truly skillful to separate the wheat from the chaff throughout the season.


Flames' victory destroyed the creative feast after the game, but the Hurricanes did something after their victory at home. Lindholm, in particular, was lured by the crowd several times, prompting him to lift the game by mocking the crowd's reaction to their team's storm after the game.

Veteran Justin Williams insists that their new tradition, known as the Storm Surge, will continue, despite the fact that it is becoming harder and harder to create fresh material.

"We had a lot of ideas, but the vault became a bit weaker," Williams smiled at the Calgary club visit 12 days ago.

"But we have created something with him, we enjoy and we will not let him die now, because people really enjoy it.

Did the band, which interrupted Friday with Duck, Duck, Goose, was studying some of the post-game celebrations in Europe?

"We saw some of their stuff," Williams said, stopping being diplomatic.

"Do you want to break the boundary between being stupid and not fun?

"We are not there to worry. We are there to have fun and to communicate with fans and to celebrate a minute after the match with the people who stay and most of the time no one leaves, which means they enjoy it. "

Michael Ferland admitted Williams' 10-year-old son was the creative director behind what Williams had taken down.

"He's only one," Father said.

– Make a domino.

Next: The flames are hosted in San Jose on Thursday before heading for a four-way trip to Florida.

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