Thursday , January 21 2021

How Adam Levin and The Voice perceive the reaction of DeAndre Nico Upset

Obviously "sorry" is simply not in Adam Levin's dictionary. So he responded during the episode of Monday The Voice to inflate from the preferential treatment he had given to Reagan Strandon, left something – did so everything – be desired. And the songs of the NBS did not help. This is how the singer from Maroon 5 and the show has come across what has to be easy.

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Adam never gave up | It would be so it was hard for DeAndre Nico to coach "mea culpa" for having told the viewers clearly that, indeed, really did they want to vote for Reagan, not for his teammate? It would be impossible to say that in the heat of television he had not realized that he had delivered a deafened street to De André?

adam levin voice reaction deandre nicoThe show, built for suspension | During the first 8 performances, the producers repeatedly denied the comments of each of the coaches – Adam's apparent exception. To, that is, it is time for the "girl" to make a solo number. At that time, they cut off rehearsals in which Adam told Reagan he had talked to DeAndre, and everything was fine. Hello, this one is not, because …

Deander was sprawled | We know he was stung by Adam's weak praise during the Top 10 Results. Still, Reagan's dismissed teammate was not given the opportunity to express his feelings of pain-or to explain how he and his former coach have done things. (Hearing that he was past him would have come a long way to get viewers to move around.) Instead, he was allowed to give a conversation with FaceTime to the 14-year-old Adam it was a campaign so passionate.

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We were manipulated | Not this The Voice not regularly and obviously pulling in the hearts, but it felt especially calculated by the show to use footage from the volunteer Adam and Reagan on a toy casualty toy in California. Good deed? Sure. Absolutely. But in this case it looked like altruism, at least in part because the audience forgot that the coach had helped to get the singer who I had performed in the place of his singer, who he did not haveJust say sorry, dude!

What do you think? Is this simply a cynical assumption? Or was there a hundred times that Adam and the show could do better?

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