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How did Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip meet?

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Fiona Hanson / AFP / Getty Images

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip's love story are like a fairy tale. The two met when they were very young, but after their first official meeting, the future Queen of England knew she was the only one for her. And now, more than 70 years later, they are still married.

This is how the matriarch and patriarch of the British royal family met and fell in love.

They actually met when they were children

This bullshit that you've heard over the years about the attachment of Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II is true and that's why they meet at some royal gatherings.

The distant cousins ​​met for the first time when each of them attended the wedding of Philip's cousin Princess Marina and Elizabeth's Uncle Prince George, the Duke of Kent in 1934. At that time Prince Philip was only 13 years old and then Princess Elizabeth was only 8,

Three years later, Philip is also in the crown of Elizabeth's father, George VI.

Elizabeth fell in love with a tennis court

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip AFP / Getty Images

Their first official meeting, however, was in 1939, when King George VI brought his family to the Royal Military College in Dartmouth, Devon. King George VI's biographers, Sir John Wheeler-Bennett, noted that this weekend the princess had fallen for Philippe.

Marion Crowford, governor of Elizabeth, agreed that 13-year-old Elizabeth was completely impressed by the 18-year-old prince while entertaining her at the tennis court, jumping over the nets. "I thought he had a good deal," Crawford said, but added that the princess "never gets his eyes off him all the time."

But Philip thought of the same thoughts as Elizabeth at that time. "Well, we met Dartmouth and, as far as I liked, it was a very fun experience to get on the yacht and meet with them and that and that's it," he told biographer Basil Bootroyd,

They have seen themselves a few more times and started writing letters over the years. "We corresponded from time to time," Philip said. "But if you're connected – I mean, I know half the people here, they're all relationships – it's not so unusual to have a family relationship with someone. You do not have to think about marriage. I suppose one thing led to another. I suppose I began to think seriously about that, oh, let me think now … when I came back to "46 and went to Balmoral."

In July 1947, when Elizabeth was 21, she and the prince reported that they had been employed. The two married five months later at the Westminster Abbey in front of 2000 guests.

They still have time for each other

There are recent reports that the royal couple does not spend time together when Philip lives in a house in the Sandringham area in Norfolk called Wood Farm and his wife lives in Buckingham Palace.

The reason for this, however, is that the Duke withdrew from his royal duties in 2017 and wants to spend some time in the spotlight and away from the city. Because the queen is not retired, she still has to spend most of her time at the monarch's working-class residence in London.

Source told Express that while they are not sleeping under one roof each night, they still have time for each other.

"[Philip] very much enjoys Wood Farm and he and the queen are still seeing at some point during the week or on weekends, "said the source." They are seen according to Her Majesty's schedule, but she works around it to see it as much as possible".

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