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How many kids have packs? Guide to all Duggar children

Ask everyone how many children have the Rainbow family and no doubt their answer will be: "Many!" But how many kids did Jim Bob and Michelle Rainer have?

The answer to this question can be confusing. After all, when TLC appeared, they called 17 Children and counting but eventually renamed 19 Children and counting for accuracy. Then there was a time when Michelle admitted he wanted even more children.

Duar's chicken is giant

Michelle said she was pregnant with her twentieth baby in 2011. Unfortunately, the baby is still dead on December 11, 2011. They call their little girl Jubilee Shalom Duggar and still remember her on her birthday.

Duggars currently have 19 living children. They already have 12 grandchildren and probably will sooner. And the strangest part? Jim Bob and Michel's oldest grandson, McNazi, are two months older than their youngest daughter, Josie (technically her aunt). I beg my mind!

Why do puppies have so many children?

When Jim Bob and Michelle got married for the first time, they used birth control because they wanted to wait a few years to have children. After giving birth to their first child, Joshua, Michelle returned to birth control. But shortly thereafter she is experiencing a miscarriage that blames her hormone pill she takes to avoid pregnancy.

Technically, birth control is against the religion of the Duggars. The family follows an independent Baptist church with strict rules of conduct. One rule states that married couples should be open for pregnancy regardless of what.

Who are the children of Rainar?

With 19 children who have names starting with the letter "J", it can be difficult to maintain all rights. Here are the children of Duggar in order to:

1. Josh Rainer

Probably best known for the Ashley Madison scandal and the sex hustler, Josh Dugar is married to Anna Keller and has five of his children. Josh was born in March 1988.

2. & 3. John David and Jana Rainer (twins)

The first set of twins Duggar was born in January 1990. Jenna is single and lives at home, and John David marries Abby Burnet in November 2018.

4. Jill Dugar (Dillard)

Jill was born in May 1991. She is married to Jeric Dillard and has two sons who all appear on the TLC show Count on while a huge argument with Jill's wife made him sack.

5. Jessa Dugar (Seewald)

Known as the "rebel rifle," Jessie has recently shocked fans by wearing trousers in public places (this is usually not allowed). Jessa is married to Ben Zeewald and the couple have two children. She was born in November 1992.

6. Jinger Duggar (Vuolo)

People thought why Ginger, born in December 1993, more than a year to join the numerous grandchildren in the Rainbow family, wondered whether it was either birth control or infertility. Ginger and her husband greet their first baby in July 2018.

7. Joseph Rainer

The boy Joseph entered the Rainbow clan in January 1995. He married Kendra Caldwell (though his younger brother, Jeddahia, most likely courted her). The couple has a son named Gareth.

8. Josiah Raingar

Josh Duar (born in August 1996) married Lauren Swanson in June 2018 after a brief courting session. Fans eagerly await their announcement of pregnancy.

9. Joy-Anna Forgath

This daughter, Rainer, was born in October 1997. She married Austin Forsat in May 2017 and had a son, Gideon, in February 2018.

10. & 11. Edithia and Jeremiah Rainer (twins)

The second set of twins Duggar came to the world in December 1998. There are rumors that Jerema is currently courting somebody, but nothing is confirmed.

12. Jason Rainer

The first boy of the new millennium of Duggars was born in April 2000.

13. James Rainer

Little James Dagar joined the clan in July 2001.

14. Justin Rainar

Now that the show is out, fans have not so much insight into Duggars' life. But they know that Justin was born in November 2002.

15. Jackson Rainer

Duard's youngest son, Jackson, was born in May 2004.

16. Johanna Rainer

Mentioned as the "younger", Jungya Rainer is much younger than his older siblings. She was born in October 2005.

17. Jennifer Rainer

The third youngest Duggar, Jennifer, was born in August 2007.

18. Jordan-Grace Rainer

Another member of the leaves still at home is Jordan-Grace, born in December 2008.

19. Josie Rainer

Who can forget the harrowing story of the birth of Josie Rainar in December 2009? This "miracle baby" is born in the 25th week of pregnancy and weighs only 1 liter of 6 ounces. Today she is a thriving, happy little girl.

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