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How to prevent Google from using the information it tracks for your purchases

Google's tracking of information, such as search and location history, is well-known given the widespread popularity of its search engine and navigation application.

But what may be less obvious is the current list that Google keeps from your purchases. The company registers purchases based on the proceeds delivered to your inbox in Gmail, as well as goods or services you have purchased through Google's services. It is unclear how long the company has registered this information, but the page has been spotted in Reddit's thread nine months ago and reappeared on Friday thanks to a CNBC report.

"To help you easily view and track your purchases, bookings, and subscriptions in one place, we've created a private destination that can only be seen by you," says a Business Insider statement. "You can delete this information at any time, we do not use any information from your Gmail messages to show you ads, and that includes emails and e-mail confirmations displayed on the purchase page."

There seems to be no easy way to delete these purchases from your Gmail inbox or from the Purchases page, except removing each entry individually. And you can not actually prevent Google from tracking and cataloging your purchases.

But you can prevent Google from using and using this information in the products and services it provides to you. If you decide to remove this functionality, for example, you will not be able to ask questions from the Google wizard about when your packages will be delivered.

To prevent Google from using your shopping history, follow the steps below:

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