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How UP uses technology to reach the last child to move with MR vaccination News from India

MERER: Two-year-old parents of Aarif, residents of Bachcha Park here, have been worried for a week. They wanted Aarifa to get a measles / rubella vaccine (MR) but did not know where to go. The father, Mohd Abdul, has been told by the health department staff that the solution is on his cell phone.

"I just searched for the site of MRS Session (Vaccination Camp site) on Google Maps and found several sites nearby. We took our daughter and made her vaccinate, "Mohd Abdul said.

For almost three months, Uttar Pradesh, a state whose health care system has many problems, has achieved a unique distinction: it managed to vaccinate 98.8% or 7.5 ruby ​​children from the measles-rubella virus by 14 February. the vaccine will cause impotence among children and a huge goal to achieve, the state uses technology coupled with social media to reach the last possible child. Whether it's equal messages from parents or GPS mapping to vaccination sites, state best practices are so successful that many of them are now being replicated across the country.

The best practices learned in the successful MV vaccination movement will be replicated elsewhere in the country

Delivered in the Meerut Healthcare Innovation Site Initiatives, Dr Vishvas Chaudhari, an Immunization officer in the Meerut area, said: "In a unique initiative, we have devised GPS mapping on fixed sites with MR session with support of the National Polio Monitoring Project (NPSP), Meerut, so that parents who have missed a vaccination can reach the closest site. "

The program was launched on 26 November 2018 in 65 PM regions and the remaining 10 areas were covered from 9 December 2018. The campaign ended on 15 February. – India's figure has not yet been publicly disclosed, as not all countries have launched the MR campaign so far.


The goal of the campaign is to vaccinate children in the age group from nine months to 15 years. Initially, the health department had to face resistance in parts of Meerut, Saharanpur, Binor, Gharachpur and other areas, mainly from the bourgeois and minority groups, due to allegedly false social media reports of adverse effects on children. However, technology and social media have also helped to eradicate such rumors.

Athletes support the vaccination for rubella-measles


Athletes support the vaccination for rubella-measles

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UP made these rumors with great initiatives. Programs for informing public radio stations, as well as messages from parents about the even distribution of information among the urban population, have begun. District officials have vaccinated their children publicly, which has further created a sense of confidence among residents. We plan to capture best practices in some areas and replicate them across the country, "said Raj Shankar Gosh, deputy director, vaccine provider, India's National Office, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Foundation works closely with the central and state governments of India in the healthcare sector. The MR vaccine program was introduced in partnership with WHO, UNICEF, Gates Foundation and others.

For a country whose health system is full of problems, the vaccination of 98.8% of children for ML is a huge success story

"The vaccine is absolutely safe and UP has performed extremely well. The best performing areas are Shrawasti, Deoria, Gorakhpur and Gautambudh Nagar. The worst is the Jalan district, which has achieved 83.3% of the target. However, it should be noted that the rapid surveillance of the scope by the WHO, which checks the data provided by us on the current state of the Earth, has found that 95% of the children have been vaccinated in Jalaun. This is because sometimes the assessment target set by the administration is higher than the actual figures, "says Dr. Ved Prakash, general manager of UP, routine immunization.


* A large-scale promotional program to remove the doubts about the safety of the vaccine

* Peer-to-peer parenting texts to convince other parents

* Civil servants publicly immunized their own children to set an example

* Online real-time monitoring, logistics of vaccine stocks

* GPS mapping of vaccination sites across the state searching online


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