Saturday , November 28 2020

I went to buy MacBook Air and Apple tried to sell me MacBook Pro


Obviously this is not as good as MacBook Pro


Some things stay with you.

One of the few is MacBook Air.

I've been using them since Steve Jobs pulled one of the envelopes. I covered them publicly because they were so simple, effective and reliable.

Still, the air has not changed in any great way so long it's wise to wonder if there will ever be a new one.

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Apple finally asked. Therefore, I had to go to an Apple store to buy one. After all, it had to be better and it was emotional for me.

I went straight to a dam store near the bay and was announced by the seller in seconds.

I explained that I have always used the Airs to love them for their benefits and that, please, sir, I would like to buy a new one.

"Hmm," the vendor said.

He followed with the last thing I expected: "When people say I like to show them MacBook Pro."

"But please," my inner voice whispered. "I just want to buy my new MacBook Air."

He did not hear it. Instead, he went on: "Do you see that you get a better PC with MacBook Pro."

He continued to draw the useful chart for comparison and enthused for Pro.

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"There is a better processor, so it's faster," he said. I had to be impressed with all of my GigaHertzes, but that was very good.

I confess that my consciousness was turned off when I was talking about graphics cards and some other numbers I had not taken. Because I was a little disappointed.

"And all this for another $ 100," he said.

And all this when I just asked please I could buy my new MacBook Air,

I found myself in a few seconds. Then I asked what the obvious question would look like: "Is there anything better for the air?"

"Well, there are two more hours of battery life and it's lighter," he said. And there, if I had not been sold, I was completely sold.

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Two things that really matter to me are that the laptop is light and that its battery is much longer than the one in my current Air.

The professional vendor was not ready.

"But the air is not much lighter," he said. – Here, try to get both of them.

I did, and of course I had already been programmed to believe that the air would be lighter. Much lighter.

I'm not sure I've experienced such an enthusiastic, passionate attempt to make me buy a product different from what I wanted.

This was not an uncomfortable conversation at all. It was just strange. As if the MacBook Pro was special today and had to be sold or gone.

"You probably want to buy Pro," I said. "Why?"

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"I just think it's a better value," he repeated, still not defeated. He said he understood that the air had met my needs, but he left the promise that my needs were simply not needed.

"You know what?" "I said, adding a pause, hoping to create some tension. "I'd like the air, please."

His head dropped a little, as if rejected for meeting. He did not even ask if I want 8GB or 16GB of memory. He accepted the 8 and had to resume the order.

Perhaps, in his mind, we Air users are inferior, primitive species that do not need much memory.

I'm afraid, however, that our long memories keep us from buying MacBook Airs. We remember how well they always were.

I do not know how this air will compare to the classics I've been using for a while.

But I feel secure in one: I will never buy a MacBook Pro. You just know because.

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