Tuesday , May 18 2021

"I'm pretty pumped:" At a meeting of ice for injured Humboldt Broncos hockey players National Sports

Kaluga – Seven months after both were paralyzed in a devastating bus crash, the teammates of Humboldt Bronkos, Ryan Strasnicki and Jacob Wasserman will have an appropriate gathering.

Straschnitzki, defender, and Wasserman, goalkeeper, last played together in April during the playoffs of the Junior Hockey League in Saskatchewan.

But the season of the hockey team was interrupted when the crash between the Broncos bus and the semi-trailer at an intersection killed 16 people and 13 others were seriously injured.

The two young men have constantly contacted after the incident that paralyzed Straschnitzki from the chest and Wasserman from the navel.

Both of them turned to sleigh hockey to keep their dream alive and were invited to take part in a short exhibition at the University of Denver on Friday.

"We're going to the NCAA and you know that it's mine and Wasserman's goal – to play hockey or hockey college, and that will be exciting," Strasnicz said.

"During the break, we play a small hound hound for snowmobile, so I will be on the ice with Wasserman for the first time since April, so I'm pretty pumped."

Screaming will be during an extended first period of a national game of a collective athletic association between the University of Denver Pioneers and Providence Frayers.

The weekend will also include releasing the puck in the NHL Colorado Avalanche, as well as participating in the NFL game with Denver Broncos on Sunday.

Straschnitzki is most excited about collecting ice.

"It will be exciting, exciting, a whole mix of emotions, but I'm happy to have it, we've done such injuries and we're there for each other," he said.

"Now we are going through the same thing, and if we have the other's back, I think we'll one day deal with him."

The invitation to Denver came from the Dawg People's Hawk Foundation, a charity that helps hockey players and their families in times of crisis due to catastrophic injuries or illnesses.

"It will be really, really great," said Marti Richardson, CEO of Dawg National.

Straschnitzki plays in a charity show at the Hockey Show in Calgary in September. He practices four nights a week and aims to present Canada at the Winter Olympics.

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