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Include your voice for the best Android apps released in 2018!

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We are near by the end of 2018 and that means it's time to judge the best things. Our researchers and reviewers have done great work with the best of Android 2018 for smartphones. But there are two more categories that still need judgment. These include Android apps and Android games. We do not have a super-scientific method for measuring applications. Different apps do different things and ultimately like different people. This way, we can not immediately figure out how to determine the best Android apps. Instead, we will ask you!

Below is a mass questionnaire with the top 20 Android apps that our editors have reduced. These include starters, browsers, productivity apps, keyboards, security apps, and even a games emulator if you can believe it. To keep expectations, our criteria for this list include:

  1. Apps (or services) are from 2018 or at least in the last few weeks of 2017. We interrupt waiting times in early December each year.
  2. Developers had to update the app at least several times to overcome the new bugs for applications.
  3. We do not include apps that have received significant updates, renaming or ownership changes. There are exceptions for applications with such a superior design that it no longer looks or feels like the previous version. In other words, Smart Launcher 5 does the list, but Google Keep Notes with its name change and redesign of the user interface does not.

Okay, so this poll is massive to get it right. There are no special rules or something to keep in mind. Just vote for the one you like the most! We have a few basic subscriptions and links for each application under a poll in case you want to see what they are doing.

Applying apps!

Of course, we do not just want to give you a massive list without explaining what these applications do in case you have not heard of them. Here are short descriptions and links for all 20 Android apps:

  • bragging – Bouncer is a protection app. It allows users to provide temporary access to app permissions, and the app revokes these permissions later. For example, you can give Facebook temporary permission to access your location and then set up Bouncer to remove it later.
  • Cake Web Browser – Cake Web Browser is a slightly different approach to web browsers. It allows you to search for different things and then spend between search results like Tinder. It also comes with RSS feed, pop-up blocker, ad block, Slices, and more.
  • The time of the carrot – The time for carrots is a nice time application with some fun, unique features. The app comes with the basics of time as forecasts and current time. You also get cunning quotes and a convenient time travel feature. The Time Travel feature lets you view the time to 70 years in the past.
  • Dolphin Browser "The Dolphin Browser is not technically new. However, it was renewed after years of abandonment. This is the only somewhat decent emulator for GameCube and Nintendo Wii. The new versions fix many bugs and add some new features. The morally gray area aside, this is a welcoming addition to the Google Play emulation scene.
  • Firefox Reality Browser – Firefox Reality Browser is a virtual reality browser for Google Daydream and other virtual reality headphones. It supports both 2D and 3D content and adds some necessary competition to space. Of course, it needs more work, but VR is still quite new.
  • forest – The Forest is a productivity app with similar Google Digital Wellbeing ideas. Open the app and the tree starts to grow. If you leave the app to check Facebook or do other distracting things, your tree will die. The goal is to keep from your phone while you work. It can also be configured with the white list so you can answer important texts or phone calls.
  • Grammatical keyboard – The Grammarly Keyboard is the best new keyboard from 2018. It does not have a ton of bright features like many of its competitors. However, it actively corrects your grammar as you type. He also explains his corrections. We look forward to more interesting features like gestures in future updates.
  • asylum – Haven is a niche protection application. This is an open source application that helps protect your stuff. Install it on a secondary device and put it in your belongings. The app alerts you to your primary phone when your secondary device is moved, lifted or otherwise mistaken. This is not good for everyone, but it's a great idea for frequent travelers.
  • Heimdall Parental Control – Heimdall Parental Control is what the name implies. Install it on your device and on your child's device. Then you can control their device from yours. This includes limiting application times and phone calls, tracking your child's activities on the web, and the premium on the version also has phone tracking.
  • Hyperion Starter – Hyperion Launcher is the next great application from Substratum developers. There is a stock style, tons of customization options, and an optional Plug-in for Google for fans of this. You also get 3rd party support for icons and tons of theme options. Surprisingly, it's good about how new it is.
  • Han Akademie for Children – The regular Academy "Han" is one of the best educational applications for Android. Khan Academy Kids plays a similar role for children's apps. The application includes reading, literacy, math, logic, memory, and problem solving. It's also completely free, with no ads or in-app purchases. What do you dislike?
  • Kiwi browser – Kiwi Browser is another new browser since 2018. It is based on WebKit and Chromium for a relatively smooth experience. You also get strong ad protection, encryption protection and user interface in minimal style for quick browsing and content enjoyment. It also supports 60 languages.
  • Light Starter – Lean Launcher is the most friendly launch for fans of minimalism. He has a stock of Android, along with several decent security and personalization features. You can hide the icons from your app drawer, change the theme, and use gesture controls. We did not like as much as we liked other shots, but it's good for what it does.
  • Navigation gestures – The navigation gesture adds gesture control to every smartphone. You can basically configure any gesture you can think of, including cranes, overflow and overflow from different parts of the screen. These gestures can trigger all kinds of actions with more accessible in the premium version. It needs work, but it works well in our tests.
  • Opera Touch – Opera Touch is another new mobile browser from Opera. It features desirable features such as ad block, QR code scanner, and a bunch of small features to use. It does not synchronize with the computer version and we definitely think it should. Otherwise, however, this is a very functional web browser of great name in space.
  • Pucco started – How did he start this list of OEMs? Well, because it's actually pretty good. The Poco Launcher is a lightweight starter with enough features to use and security to please us. This includes customizing the home screen, categorically sorting applications, and hiding apps from the app drawer. Not bad, Xiaomi, it's not bad at all.
  • ProtonVPN – ProtonVPN is our favorite new VPN from 2018. It gets the basics of the right. This means that there are no logos, good encryption and home base in a neutral country (Switzerland). He has a free unlimited free choice, albeit with slower speeds. Subscription prices are also not half bad. It was a show-in for our best list of VPN apps.
  • RememBear – RememBear is a new password manager from TunnelBear, the developer of the popular one-way VPN service. There were some problems at the start, but it quickly became a positive force in the password manager space. It even has most of the desired features that many other password managers have.
  • Intelligent Starter 5 – Smart Launcher 5 was a mass deviation from previous versions of the starter. This new version includes customizable icons, themes, app sorting, ultra-immersion mode, gestures and other customization features. It even has an integrated application cabinet and kills two birds with one fan stone.
  • YouTube Music – Inside, we were debating whether to include this because it is technically just a huge update. But this is the only great new music service in 2018. We loved integrating it with music videos, along with streaming music in our video for initial impressions. It has to improve significantly over time, except for its true quality of music.

There have been many great apps since 2018, and if we've forgotten, tell us about it in the comments after you vote for "Others" so we can count the votes for your favorite apps!

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