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Interview: The original flash of John Wesley Shipp for his return to the other world

Before years Grant Gustin put on the red pantyhose on Flash, the first TV Flash on the TV John Wesley Sharpe who plays in one flash a series that unfortunately continued for only one CBS season, starting in 1990. The show was one of CBS's biggest cradles during the year, broadcasting a racing program Thursday night, The Simpsons and Kosby showNow it seems that his Flash returns to this year's Elseworlds crossover, which begins his three-day workout on Sunday, December 9, The CW.

Although it is unclear in our interview, the latest behind-the-scenes video presents ShipSlash as Barry Allen, so we suppose he plays the same character in the 1990 series. (This interview was conducted before the video was released.)

As always, it was a privilege to interview Mr. Shipp, who is extremely grateful for the love he has received from fans of his classical role, and strongly appreciates what the producers of the new show[s] have done for him. You can read our interview below.

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CRAIG BYRNE on KSITETV: Is the character you play in the crossover the version of The Flash you played in 1990?

John Wesley Ship: Well, there are some speculations about this and the questions we are happy that people ask, such as "Is Flash From The Future?" This is Flash Flash or Jay Garrick for some reason not yet clarified in the Flash 1990 "We want to encourage all these issues to move forward. I do not necessarily want to clarify which answer is the right one.

Trying to ask this question, but still unclear: Does this flash Tina McGee and Julio Mendez know this?

I have to say yes.

In social media we saw other actors like Stephen Amble really excited to see you in the classic costume. Can you talk about the reaction you get from voices and crew personally?

Above all, I had a moment of panic when I knew what I wanted to do because you got up, man. This is 27 years later. But I went into the bunker box to shoot the first scene and Grant [Gustin] he immediately said – and I was so pleased because you do not know – I play the same character, that is, you know! There are so many comparisons for costumes – you do not know! But I went on the set and rehearsed, and then he completely went "this is the best thing we ever did!" That's why I sighed indignantly in this way.

I could not believe Stephen's reaction to Twitter. I'm so grateful that they feel that way. And then the reaction of the audience, my colleagues … this thing was greeted with such excitement that I was excited.

Most pictures show your hero with Stephen Amel as "Flash". Do we happen to see Flash and Grant Gustin moving together?

This is the question that I would hesitate to answer. You ask all the questions we ask the audience to ask! So, again, I will restrain myself from clarifying this.

Can you talk about what your character is doing there and what is his story line?

I think we can say from the teaser that there are many things that do not happen well for the Earth-90. We see that all these superheroes are dead, and the flash is on its last leg, but it can escape the Book of Fortune when the Monitor opens it. This creates a beautiful crossover. This is the first time they've done this – they played the teaser at the end of all three shows this week, and she smooths out what's going on. At the first crossover, all this happens; the three stars – Grant Gustin, Melissa Benoit, and Stephen Amble – work hard to try and understand what's going on and how to stop it. And my character tries to break through to catch them and warn them about what's going on and the way they can stop it. And then there is a great memory as planned, bypassing the Supergirl part of the crossover that closes it. So, we hope to build Kresedno for [the Dec. 11 episode],

Your suit was more comfortable than your one in 1990?

Without knocking or cracking the builders and designers of the original suit, it should be easier to use 27 years later, right? And that's it. There are new tissues – some who breathe more. There is a new construction that is not glued to my face and neck. I was able to unzip it and pull the knob forward. You lose 40% of the heat of your body through your head! So yes. That was worse. As I said this, at the end of the shoot all night – brilliantly directed by Tom Cavanam, by the way – I went into what was the teaser of all the performances with a completely different concept but the moment I saw football with all these dead superheroes in it, completely changed my way of thinking. He really worked with me, instead of shouting, "Why are you doing this?" The whole way was made, beautifully crafted and laid and shot by Tom Cavana.

If you can get together with some other superhero actor, who will be and why?

I personally love Brandon Rout. I would like to work with him. I think he and his wife [Courtney Ford] and both are such wonderful people when I have the opportunity to communicate with them.

You know, my answer will ALL. I looked at this picture of the four [himself, Grant, Melissa, and Stephen] from this crossover and I look at myself, and Grant looks so great in the Arrow suit, and Stephen is in a Flash suit and then I see Melissa and I are going "wow." Melissa can just stand there and shake this suit and have that character. Who would not like to work with Melissa? Who would not like to work with Stephen? Stephen was so excited. I've never seen voices like crossover for all five seasons, so you know there's something that will become dynamite.

Have you ever seen the picture of Alex Ross with your Flash, Linda Carter's Wonderful Woman, Christopher Reeve's Superman, and Michael Keaton's Batman?

I am so honored by this! What is great. I actually tweeted it and thanked him.

This is also in my mind, I read yesterday, several people said the original flash is now officially part of the Flash canon. And I was like "wow!" What an incredible way to look at him and how grateful I am that a show I made a season 28 years ago still has this kind of resonance.

Will we see you again like each of your heroes after the crossover and what else will you come to?

This is a mystery! This is always my answer when I'm not sure what to say, but now I live in New York, and I've just been involved in a play about the long-standing friendship between Henry Fonda and James Stewart, despite the huge political differences and romantic rivalries. It's a lot of fun. This is written by David Gregory; I played my father in "One Life to Live". It's really beautifully sculpted and besides being very fun and revealing a lot about these men, it's kind of like a moral fairy tale for our time. When everything is polarized, these two men, the opposite ends of the political spectrum, still have a long-standing friendship and gather on Sunday afternoon. The play is called "Hank and Jim build an airplane". So, we've worked in New York with some really good reviews. We hope to get a full production soon.

What is your favorite thing to be part of this crossover?

I feel like part of the team! This is the way I felt with "Enter Flashtime". Jay Garrick felt part of the team, really, for the first time, and that was a great feeling. Again this is the excitement and enthusiasm of my colleagues, my friends and the audience … I am so grateful and I am really excited. I just made a convention in Louisville, Kentucky, and I was like "I want to hear from you guys! I want to hear what your reaction is when you see it!" Because this is the lifeblood of a performer to get such a twist and create such enthusiasm.

You can find John Wesley Ship on Twitter @JohnWesleyShipp, Do not miss the crossover DC TV "Elseworlds", broadcast on December 9, 10 and 11 on The CW!

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